hi i live in pa

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  1. cmacdowell

    cmacdowell New Member

    :eek:i just started getting into this on my own this year first bike my dad bought his first motor 3 years ago ive been having fun with it since as well as he does. he bought his second motor this year and i bought my first so far not too good bought i think this site will help me alot. i love these mb's and plan to have fun with my dad this summmer with them :eek:

    also plz help me with the posting pics and links and such on here as im not that computer savy

  2. professor

    professor Active Member

    Hi Cm, welcome to Motoredbikes! Got a few guys from Pa here. When you want to do a pic- click on the "Go advanced" box. When that opens up below it has a spot that says "manage attachements" - click that box and an area will open which you can brouse from your pictures on your computer. Open the pic you want and click upload for each pic. (uploading takes a minute).
    You can preview your post and see that your pics are clickable.
    I think I got that all correct.
    Somewhere on here are the directions.
  3. cmacdowell

    cmacdowell New Member

    thanx ill try it
  4. yimmie

    yimmie Member


    welcome to site. nice to see another Pa riders.