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  1. Bluesluver

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    Hi to all. I have read this forum a few times and decided it looks like the most informative I've been on and a good group of riders.
    I am new to motorized bicycles, but started out on scooters years ago and have ridden motorcycles for a long time, so I'm not new to 2 wheels. I would like some cheap and fun transportation for running errands. With this in mind, I intend to build a 48cc moped. I am looking for a good used bicycle right now to put the motor kit on. So far I have not decided on the kit, but will need to stay at about $100 - $150 plus shipping, sunce I am not working right now. I'd like to do a beach cruizer, but there are a lot of heavy mountain bikes for sale cheap around here, so I may have to go with one of them for now. Any advice would be appreciated.
    Good riding. :thinking:

  2. professor

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    Hi Blue, you can always change the bars and seat on a mountain bike to make it comfy. By all means go with dual brakes.
    And welcome to Motoredbikes!
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    Thanks Professor. I just looked at a nice used mountain bike that someone had put a saddle with springs on and it had the "A" cable brakes. Was about $60.00. The weather is warming up here, so yard sales ought to be cranking up soon, too.