High Quality Laser Cut Gaskets for sale!

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    Up for sale are high quality laser cut gaskets. These gaskets are made of a high temperature acrylic-nitrile-latex and organic fiber compound that outlasts and outperforms any of the chinese stock gaskets. What you're paying for here is quality, precision, and performance. The ported designs on the intake and exhaust gaskets provide a smooth flowing fuel mixture into the engine.

    No more cutting gaskets from cereal gaskets
    No more time consuming gasket cutting
    No more paying $2 for a gasket and $10 for shipping
    Item are stocked and ready to ship.
    Each gasket is approximately 1/32" or .79mm thick

    Highly recommended for modified engines (performance modifications generally increase heat output of engines reducing the life and performance of standard gaskets)

    Gasket Set Includes: Intake, exhaust, magneto, base cover, clutch cover, crankcase.

    Important Note: For all purchases including intake gasket please specify the design of your intake port (some engines have a wider design)

    Pricing (Paypal Accepted)

    Gasket Kit: 13.99 + Free shipping
    Intake Gasket: 2.99 + Free shipping
    Exhaust Gasket: 2.99 + Free shipping
    Base Gasket: 3.25 + Free shipping
    Magneto Gasket: 3.25 + Free shipping
    Crankcase Gasket: 6.25 + Free shipping
    Clutch Gasket: 3.25 + Free shipping

    If you are interested/ready to order just pm me.

    ---------Pictures of gaskets are found here below---------

    IMG_20120714_020537.jpg IMG_20120714_014159.jpg IMG_20120714_020540.jpg IMG_20120714_020651.jpg IMG_20120714_020804.jpg IMG_20120714_020809.jpg IMG_20120714_020816.jpg IMG_20120714_020847.jpg IMG_20120714_020931.jpg
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