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  1. super dave

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    hey guys just finished the new ride, 80cc motor, custom modified tuned pipe, jack shaft kit and front mount tank. all of the rest of the bike is stock for now. went for a good ride and this bike is great and fast too. what a big difference the pipe makes and not too loud.:cool2:

  2. SimpleSimon

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    I do like that! Sweet looking ride.
  3. Clotho

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    Great bike!

    I always thought that the Hot Wheels version was an excellent choice for a build. It comes with most of what you should be looking for. Disc brakes. Multiple gears etc. The only thing I would do differently is the tank. I hope the tank on the front is metal and not plastic. If you run into anything with a plastic tank you will end up covered in gas. One spark and poof... game over.

    Enjoy the ride and all the attention you will get!
  4. toolow

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    sweet bike
  5. jclo3313

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    Great lookin' ride!
  6. give me vtec

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    you did it huh???? Great job, looks good.

    Makes me want to bust out my felt and ride the old deathtrap.... they really are the best candidate for this engine. Totally solid frame.
  7. MotoMagz

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    That's sweet,great choice and build!! Those felts are so beefy and ya better have a beefy wallet! Time to sell a Stingray or two cus mama sure would miss a grand! MotoMagz
  8. Will Snow

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    That is a neat clean job you did. I like the way you ran the chain, it is probably better than attaching the sprocket to the wheel. Pretty slick set up.
  9. give me vtec

    give me vtec Active Member

    how is the stock derailleur and hub working??? Any issues with the torque yet???
  10. super dave

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    yah thanks i used the jackshaft kit for just that reason, the bike comes with rear discs that is why i wanted to build the bike. disc brake is the way to go. i have about 3 hrs on the bike now and all is good with the stock parts. for a china bike the quality of the bike is very good and i am happy with the whole set-up so far
  11. give me vtec

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    for a china bike???? That is an expensive bike... it better be good quality.
  12. super dave

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    hot wheel 68

    sorry about that the front forks are made china had a sticker on it with some of the other components, and i think the bike and some parts are made in the good old US of A (sorry about guys)
  13. sunsetboy

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    What number is it? I built mine on #16. Watch out for the first 2 gears on the 3 speed attached seperatly on a cassette for the dang thing strips easily. I had to convert mine into a fixie. If you use the bike a lot like I do for commuting to work and have a lot of potholes, be careful of your seat because my seat rail broke in half on some gnarly mashed up street,lol. Good job! :cool2:

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  14. zimlim

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    what kind of bike is that?

    What kind of bike is that? Do you have link i really wana copy your build cause I lack originality.
  15. dirtwarrior

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    that is sweet
  16. Robot

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    Nicely assembled, appears to be an older steel frame which I'd suggest over aluminum to anyone building one..

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  17. Timbone

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    Amazing ride!
  18. MotorBicycleRacing

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  19. yimmie

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    nice job looks good.