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Jan 25, 2016
Hi All,

I googled Motorized Bicycle and found 2 forums, this one seems a GOOD layout and forum

This is my first post, I want to start this new hobby,

I read all the threads in 2 days time, liked all the things to be done to a new machine, enjoyed the read, so lets-go

Many thanks,
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cape tod

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Feb 22, 2015
HI. I go by capetod. Obviously I live in MA. Somehow I stumbled upon this as I was browsing parts and info. I have owned a bike for about a year now and learning a lot along the journey.I just order a kit and want to flip a bike to make some $ to upgrade my bike. Hopefully I turn on another to the hobby. And make some cool friends and upgrade my bike as far as the town cops let me go. I love to put my fishing pole on my rack with a few beers ETC.. I get around from spot to spot very efficiently now and locals give me a thumbs up cool. Fishing season is around the corner and I be out trying my luck. Unfortunately I usualy go home with no fish but a good buzz and good times. I grew up in CT. I don't get this salt water fishing except the beer drinking part. Among other hobbies of the head. Any how I just realized a copper tube broke off to a hose from carb. So I grab a beer and an easy out and hope for the best that I can back it out with ease. I have seen now I must improve quality and length of lines. Let ya know how I made out in an hour. Thank you all if this site opens up my worldly experience.
Apr 1, 2016
I want to know how you found this place. It would be really helpful to know what is working and what isn't.

I think it was because I posted the truth about kingsmotors also known as gas bikes on how badly they burned me on my equipment and refuse PayPal they refused to accept Paypal from me everything they sent me was been stripped cable cord was even melted yet melted rate which if I did would be more than the actual purchase price price of the product so I simply posted that and I was contacted by and they said I've gotten a trophy something about most trending topic of the week or something I think that's how it happened so I took an interest to it and it's a very interesting site lots of good information here people respond quickly very friendly I love this site


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Mar 23, 2008
It would have been in late 2007 or early 2008. (Heck, it might have even been on this Model T computer I'm using right now. Ahh...probably not.)

I suppose I was searching for info on electric bikes. But I also remember that I had a feeling that somewhere there was a gasoline engine to be found. And I found this forum, probably on Google. And reading in here was when I just knew that, yes, I could have a bicycle with a helper engine. Bought a couple of kits from Dax and had my first one up and running in the early spring of 2008.

I also recall, from those early days, seeing references to another forum. But I didn't feel a whole lot of urge to find them. There was enough activity here to keep me busy. I eventually did find and join the other guys in 2012 and I've been lurking both forums since.

It's been pretty happy. I go through periods of discouragement over the 'sloppiness' of these happy time engines and kits. But I always recover. I doubt if I'll ever work with engines of tighter tolerances. Simply because I don't want to put any real money into a bicycle. If it comes to that, then I'll just buy a Honda scooter. I did buy one this past January, in fact. But I bought it for my wife. She loves it and so do I. Enough that I do have some regrets that I didn't buy one for me.

So it's possible that I'll go Honda and give up happy times sometime soon. But it's not guaranteed because I do love happy time engines. And these bikes do have an advantage or two over scooters.

I haven't read this entire thread yet. But it was fun (and a bit sad) reading the first few pages. So many people there who I remember kindly yet see nothing of anymore. They've moved on. And one or two have passed on. Some were kindly and helpful. Others were witty and funny. One was hilariously crabby, but still a good guy. I miss them.

Madd Matt

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May 8, 2017
I found this site as a generic Google search. I was enrolled in years ago and after re-registering, I got curious as to what is out there now. Got into Google and found you guys. Think I'll stay for awhile.
Madd Matt