How in the heck do you make a bike fit a "fat" tire? Like a 4"

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Sammie, Jan 20, 2014.

  1. Sammie

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    How do you make the bike fit the tire? If you need to cut and weld where do you find the parts needed?
    Ive goggled like crazy.
    TY Sammie

  2. Fabian

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    Everyone wants to fit a 4" tyre to their bike and if it were an easy modification, everyone would be doing it. Unfortunately the frame design of most mountain bikes on the market these days limits you to fitting a 2.35 tyre.

    All sorts of difficulties will be encountered if modifying the frame rails to accept wider frame spacing, especially if you want to retain the quick release mechanism.
    My research has lead me to believe that the simplest method is to order a Surly frame, or complete Surly bike; designed to run tyre sizes in excess of 4 inches.
  3. crassius

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    also, chopper style bikes that come with those tires need to have an engine mount that offsets the motor to the left to clear the chain
  4. grinningremlin

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    There are some relatively affordable fat-tire bikes on ebay.I suggest trying one out first before you commit.I looked into them as I was thinking "poor mans full suspension", but it seems you give up A LOT in maneuverability, A,... LOT.If you're going to be riding sand or snow, or gearing super low they're a possible, make sure you test them and consider how they'd be under power first.
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  6. wheelbender6

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    The fat bike subforum on forums has been active for a long time with plenty of info. I think it will be a lot cheaper to buy a new fat bike from a discount store. I agree with grininggremlin that you may not enjoy the bike if you don't need all that rubber for riding in snow or sand.
  7. darwin

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    Seems to me too many mods needed to the frame and forks to make it work. Wally world has those for $200 or so.
  8. HeadSmess

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    forget modifying. either purchase something with the fat wheel already fitted, or start making a jig to build your own frame, using the car or motorbike tyre, as linked to above somewhere...

    theyre completely impractical btw...

    in other words, you look like a complete retard when you have to push one home ;)

    i cant stand these choppers people make that are completely unrideable... why waste all that time? pedals need ground clearance, and not only does it look stupid, but having your hands a foot over your head with your butt about level with your feet gets pretty uncomfortable after ten seconds or so, especially when you have to lean forwards to reach said handlebars... unless you walk around on all fours too?

    stick to a normal bike so you can at least stand on the pedals when encountering a large unavoidable pot-hole...
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