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    My name is Chalo. I'm a longtime machinist, bicycle mechanic, and bike enthusiast. At this time I work in a hardscrabble retail bike shop in East Austin, Texas.

    I am doing research to build my first internal combustion powered motorized bicycle. I have built a handful of electric bikes over the past ten years, and I have done some troubleshooting of two-stroke motor bikes that were brought to me at work.

    My aim is to build a propane-powered cargo bike whose motor drives the cranks. I must be able to pedal freely with the motor off, but I don't need to be able to idle the pedals with the motor pulling. My conceptual and functional inspiration is Todd Fahner's Stokemonkey e-bike system.

    I have an intensive engineering background and I disapprove of a lot of the technical status quo in the motor bicycle world as I have witnessed it. We can do better than this.

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    Here are a few examples of bikes and other pedal contraptions I have built, or have been a major contributor for:





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    Welcome to the forum. You can get a freewheeling rear motor sprocket from Hybridped that eliminates the engine and chain drag while pedalling.