HT clutch lockout and release button

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by Bronzebird, Aug 16, 2008.

  1. Bronzebird

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    I'm thinking of moving the hole over a 1/4" in the lever handle (drill lever handle) for more latitude. I currently have a little clutch drag with the clutch lever locked out/disengaged .
    Anyone else thought about this?

    Reason is to maximze disengagement and maximizie clutch cable slackwhen engaged. As of now there is no "Happy" medium. So I have a little drag in clutch plates in the lockout postion. If I'm coasting down a hill and engine off I do not want the slipage wear and tear. Conversaly the slack while engaged means 100% plate pressure and no riding the clutch. Mine is a fine line with no I go with 100% pressure with a tad bit of slack in cable to arm lever.

  2. hill climber

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    got the same prob with mine. good idea with the moving of the lock pin but may compromise the integrity of the perch. i have ordered an atv, quad, brake lever with the park brake lock. locks much further back.
  3. Bronzebird

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    No perch mod only new hole in handle.

    I have some aluminum fillet solder rods that can fill or plug the original hole in the aluminum handle lever grip perch. The outer perch with button needs no changes. Ok I'm headed out now to check it out!
  4. augidog

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    are you guys looking for the other "frame-mount" area?
  5. Bronzebird

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    Gap and overall fit is much better.

    Got done filling in aluminum handle perch hole to make a smaller diameter hole. Pain marking with black marker install handle and screw, wiggle handle, remove and dremel disk grind rub mark, install and repeat till aluminum purch fully closes against black perch. That was part of the problem hand lever not closing all the way for more "throw". May try the rub test to close handle and should help a little. However the overall lockout gap is 11mm. I can get more throw if I build the front up in front of the alumanum lever. And not make the shoulder a bit rounded which I did and probably should not have...
  6. Bronzebird

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    YEP, Thanks.