I Built It #2

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  1. eastwoodo4

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    i had this pocket bike engine laying around.i got the gear box from my buddy.theres a mountian dew bottle for a gas tank.waiting on the rite one.this sob is FAST.i think i can hit 50 mph if i tuck in tight.but not gonna try that yet.dont like the thought of scraping down the road.
    the pics kinda suck.
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  3. bamabikeguy

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    That bottle is going to start a fad....

    I use Scope 33 oz bottles for spares, (esp. with my 2 cycle greenish oil,) and there is a guy at a gas station in Berlin who is convinced I'm burning mouthwash, I told him I bought it in 55 gallon drums, at about $25 per barrel.
  4. eastwoodo4

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    lol.high octane mouth wash.i put a motorcycle inner tube around the bottle to make it fit snug.
  5. thescooterguy

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    3 to 1 tranny . i bet that thing is a rocket alright but how is it on the hills ?
  6. eastwoodo4

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    im only 140 lbs so its all good.to answer your question it depends on how fast im going when i get to the hill.:)i help it up the hills but i probably could get up them with out pedaling.at 35 mph its sweet.cause its geared so high its quite as heck.40 mph i start getting nerves.im used to thirty tops.not sure of this ones top end?not gonna find out with out a helmet.
  7. BBC_BelAir

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    nice!! that sob sounds crazy :jester: i got clocked doin 35 on mine and im 210 and that seems hella fast so yours is just crazy :helmet:
  8. thescooterguy

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    is that a half inch drive sprocket on the tranny , how many teeth ?
  9. eastwoodo4

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    12 teeth.1/2 inch?
  10. eastwoodo4

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    i titled this i built it 2 .its actually 3.forgot about the three wheeler
  11. thescooterguy

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    if you go to an 8 tooth drive 1/2 inch you will be able to accelerate up hills , thats the least amount of teath you can have for that size shaft in the 1/2 inch .
  12. eastwoodo4

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    it climbs the hills pretty good already.when i weigh buying a new one and using this one .this one wins.but i would like to have one.
  13. thescooterguy

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    if your clutch goes out prematurely you will know if you need to downsize the drive sprocket . i am working on a build using that tranny , so i am curios to know how your setup performs , but for me the test is ... stop at the bottom of hill steep one and from a standstill climb the hill . no pedal assist .
  14. eastwoodo4

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    i pedal assist all my bikes from a stand still.hill or not.i would say go with the 8 tooth sprocket for your build.as far as flat ground goes.this sucker runs sweet.i need a camera to shoot some vids.well i just sold old reliable[my friction drive]to some old guy who wants to keep up with the grand kids.so i hope this bike turn out to be reliable as the other cause its my transportation.
  15. thescooterguy

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    when i first started making motored bikes , i used foot pegs and just lobbed off the cranks , but found out that that was unexceptable to most people . needless to say i had to make sure the gear ratio was good and high, i think 18 to 1 is the sweet spot but will stray up and down from that depending on motor and the rider , and terrain ...
  16. eastwoodo4

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    yeah my first one was a 3 horse briggs with no pedals.

    my buddy clocked me today on the new bike at 42 mph.i thought it was faster than that.but it was a slight incline.very slight.
  17. thescooterguy

    thescooterguy Member

    always feels faster on a bike , thats for sure
  18. give me vtec

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    LOL... that is the funniest thing I have seen on this site yet.
  19. SirJakesus

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    Eastwood I REALLY like that setup. It's awesome how you got it snugged in there behind the seat to bring the CG forward a bit.

    Now if theres a way to put a sprocket on the lefthand side WITH a disc brake I'd be converting my downhill MTB in an instant.
    Any links on where to get these kind of pocket bike trannies with the proper sprockets?

    Thanks for the post. The homemade stuff is always the most interesting.
  20. nadroj

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    I would get a bigger rear sprocket, you should try to dial it in to where you get it to a top speed that you are compfortable