I can't seem to get the Clutch to disengadge

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by Jvan, Apr 14, 2009.

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    I just got everything ready to go for my first ride and I can not get the clutch to work. When I'm pulling the hand lever it is pulling the arm but it will not allow me to move the pedals...? Is there some type of adjustments that you are supposed to make on a brand new engine? This is on a 80cc 2 stroke motor by the way. Ant help would really be appreciated, as I am really interested in taking my MB for a ride. Thanks!

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    Sometime first time you try to may be a bit hard.
    Might try removing the cable from arm and use a lever. I use a short piece of pipe and GENTLY push it in. Make sure pipe is butted up aginst where it connects at cover or it will break.
    There may be a pop like feeling and sound. Move in and out a time or 2 put cable on and adjust.
    Might look for the post on making it easier to work with a small adjustment.
    Welcome to the site
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    Thanks biken stins! I will give this a shot. Being gentle isn't one of my strong suits but I'll give it a try. I also ran into a guy that fixes bikes at a local bike shop and he has a motorized bike and I am trying to get him over to take a look as well. I know this is something that anyone who has built a MB before will probably look at and get it fixed in minutes. Having this web-site as a braintrust of collective trial and error and succesess is a beutiful thing. I only hope that my knowledge base grows enough so that I can offer some help to people in the future. Thanks again!
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    you can go to the search and input clutch adj., or any other header and usually get info./pics. good luck
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  6. Jvan

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    Thanks for the reply! Just need a little more info

    Hey Graucho,
    Thanks again! This does sound like my problem and that maybe just getting it started could get everything into place. The question that I have and keep in mind very new at this is how do I get it started? Right now as it is I can't really pedal the bike because the clutch wont engadge. I took the spark plug out to release the compression and just lifted the back tire and gave the pedal a push and it made sounds like the engine was going to fire up. Although I know that isn't possible with the spark plug out. If you could give me a little more info on this it may be the trick I need. It is mid-to high 60's today in WI. so I have the itch to as mountainman says "ride that thing".
    I'm thinking that after reading the thread that you turned me on to that it could just be that it was really cold when I got the kit so there could be some cold coagulated grease in there that is binding it up. If you could please shoot me a note when ever you have a chance I would really appreciate it.
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    Try routing your clutch cable as free as possible I have mine straight across the front of the forks it won't go anywhere. Then instead of the way most guys tie it to the frame let it arc freestyle and it will be easier to pull in and a lot smoother it will stick out there a bit but it won't bind like when it's tied down. On my motorcycle I have it that way and the MB, the cable lasts forever because your not binding it with turns. Use the throttle cable to keep it up in the front or a brake cable, headlight bracket or anything out in front to support it a little.
  8. MotorBicycleRacing

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    The clutch friction plate is stuck

    take the chain off

    Take a flat screw driver and carefully pry on the teeth
    of the front 10 tooth sprocket to turn it

    Use the boss on the bottom as a pivot point for
    your screw driver

    The sprocket will break free

    I had to do this on all the Raw motors I sold as their
    clutch pads are very uneven and they came locked up

    Grubee motors spin freely right out of the box and their
    clutch pad are even and of a better material
    Grubee's are also test run in the factory

    take the cover off the clutch (right) side and you
    will see the presure plate move out when you pull
    the clutch
    Also grease between the gears with thick grease
    Don't use too much or too thin a grease as it will get
    on your dry clutch pads

    If that doesn't work you will need to adjust the clutch

    There is no grease binding it up
    as it is a dry friction plate clutch
    Take the 5 screws out and look on the right side
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    This one worked and Also Graucho's as well

    I used a little piece of pipe and was able to push it in just enough to disengage the clutch and wired it up again and it was working. Gased it up and got it ready to go and realized that the fender was slightly rubbing against the chain so back to the shop for fender modification. Then out for a ride. Started pedaling down the street and it started up right away after releasing the clutch lever and a little bit of throttle, It sped right up but wanted to make sure that the coaster brakes work after having a big issue with the hub earlier and when I pressed in the clutch lever to begin decelerating the Engine started reving up quite a bit so I hit the kill switch. and looked it over adjusted the choke and tried it again and the same thing happened and kept happening. Then my chain popped off and I'm not sure why because it was really good and tight. Once I got the bike started and took it for my 30 second ride the clutch was much easier to disengadge. Well back to the shop to put the chain back on and figure out the reving up issue. Just wanted to enter in an update and thank everyone for their sage advise. Thank You!!! :seeya:
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    Chain might be too tight, you do need a little play. Also check alignment from back of motor to sprocket on wheel it should not be at an angle. It should run straight back
  11. Jvan

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    Update! My Bike is up and running

    Hello all,
    So I took the bike back to the shop and figured out the problem. the back tire was a little bit loose and that is what created the play to allow the chain to come loose. It was a dumb newbie mistake that will not happen again. Could have been bad. Then I realized that the gas tank was leaking from where the petcock was threaded in and added some teflon tape and problem solved. Then I took my MB out for a ride and didn't come back in until after dark. I need a light that I will pick up today. I probably put about 15 miles on it that day and everything is running great! The clutch is still pretty hard to disengadge, but I am hoping that will loosen w/ time. I am hooked!!! It's been raining for the past 2 days here and I'm already going through withdrawls. I plan to post tonight with some pictures. :25: :taz:
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    Way to go.
    There is a post on a simple clutch arm adjustment somewhere here.
    It Works. It is a great idea. Don't know why it is not done at the factory.
    There is also a real nice aftermarket one a fellow on the site makes.
    Do a little searching.
    Be safe.