I have found where to get larger tanks and other items.



Hi all.:cool:
I have found a seller of items that seem to be hard to find.:LOL:
I am in the process of ordering all of the below items.
ask and ill send you the guys info. OR
if you want to wait and see the out come of my order
I will let everyone know the facts of the parts & shipping
exc. I am willing to take a chance :p


He seem to be in direct contact with Grubee
thus some great prices. and he wants our input.
about grubee and what they could do to improve
there products. I have already let him know
about our desire for usable voltage from the motor.

rear rack tank
under crossbar/dropdown tank
cone air filter
front drum brake
long exhaust pipe with street muffler
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Mar 23, 2008
I could definitely be interested in a couple of those items. If it works out for you I would appreciate knowing it. thanks


the reason for my excitement is his prices.
hear are some of them.

1 gal. rear rack tank - $20
1++ gal. crossbar/dropdown tank - $15
cone air filter - $5
complete front drum brake - $25
long street exhaust & muffler to rear sprocket- $25
long chopper exhaust & muffler past rear sprocket- $45

so absolutely ill let it be known.
if its a good thing or not .