I watched this in a guy's yard for 2 weeks.

Them setups work pretty good, walmart sold a 26" mountain bike version for $369 called a e-zip. I bought 2 of the 24volt models & put a 💩ton of miles on them. Motors last forever & you can juice if you need too, higher voltage esc. & batt.
He gave me a 36volt battery there 24volt motor. I know it goes 20 aleast but I haven’t full throttled it yet needs something’s .
They are a decent reliable setup, I got so many miles out of mine, I had to have custom 12gauge spoke wheels built for my e-zip bikes. Kept breaking factory spokes over time. I should dig mine out & buy a lithium battery!!!😎
I know batteries are high but some say a 1000 charges that’s forever. I just bought one of those little conversion kits for stepdaughter. It’s very slow but it’s goes at least 5 miles on a full charge . She loves it.
but some say a 1000 charges that’s forever
Not really...If you charge that battery, let us say daily, because of maybe realistically 20 miles that you can go with no pedaling, that battery wil last you for only 2.75 years...Do the math from there to find out how much its costing you not only for the battery, but also how much in electricity it will now cost to charge it, especially with the cost rising quite viciously now, (Thank you "Brandon")...lol.