I'm new; and feeling kind of blue (please help!)

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    Hello, my name is Jake. I'm new to MotoredBikes.com, I'd like to know if any body can solve my engine problem; I don't want to replace my engine, but I don't know how to fix it.

    Heres my story/problem:

    I got my motorized bicycle engine kit in 08, used two gallons of 16:1 gas to oil ratio for the break in period. I went to 20:1, which is what it should be after the break in period, and it ran pretty good for about a weak. After that, I went through two chains and a chain tensioner (both broke when pulling up the same hill!) broke the clutch lever (which I replaced with a standard bicycle hand brake) and lost the nut to the baffle. All that had me waiting about 6 months till I got it running again, and then the real trouble started; WAY TO MUCH NOISE! I had to have at least a 100% noise increase that was coming from the crankcase. I then greased the side gears, re-aligned the chain (never would stay alighned though.) and greased the chain. Got a few suggestions to check in the cylinder, and go back to a 16:1 ratio. Opened the head, found nothing but a little bit of carbon build-up. Went back to the 16:1- no change. Now when I run it, it sounds like there is metal debris violently bouncing around in the crankcase,(I don't know how to take the cylinder off) and now it doesn't stay running! I adjusted the idle speed screw; nothing. The engine lost almost all of its power, so it doesn't pull anything. Now it is just a loud, anoying noise maker! Ugh...


    If anybody knows how to solve this, or how to prevent this from happening in the future (I might just get another engine) please let me know.


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    Somebody help, please!!!
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    ...Can somebody at least say "Hello"?!?
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    Hi,welcome to the site. Wish I could help ya,did you try posting your question in the 2 stroke thread area. MotoMagz
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    We need some more detailed information to be able to assist. Do you see any fuel or oil leaking anywhere? You say that it is noisy and from the crank case. Unless there is a hole in your crank case I don't think that is where the problem is. Typically a noisy condition is due an exhaust leak. Check your intake and exhaust gaskets for leaks. Also since you say you pulled the head check the head gasket for leaks. You might want to replace your spark plug as well just for some piece of mind.
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    a guy had the same problem and they had to replace the motor there was a bunch of debris in the crank case he sent it back and they cleaned it out and sent it back to him but it still didn't work so they sent him a new motor