info on rope starter please

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  1. Someone tell me who sells a rope starter for GruBees I want to stick a scooter together and it won't have peddles.

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    I think if I can find a bearing small enough on the o.d. I can machine a block from magnesium (Gee, guys, that's all I have in chunks) and put a 14 mm socket in it . I can weld something on the end to mount a starter pulley. I will helicoil 10 x 32 allen heads in the 4 holes to be a bit more substantial. At first I might just use the 3/8" square hole with a battery drill to see if I can live with it. Ya know, there is ratcheting small sprockets that could be mounted on the socket and use a harp bracket with a bike chain and recoil spring like B&S did in 1927 with the FH engine. Then I would have a kick starter. It would come out of engagement in the up position.
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    If you build it with a center stand to get the rear wheel off the ground..... you can grab the wheel & give it a spin to start it.

    Interesting... I'd like to see a kick starter.
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    tis, tis :)

    sounds nifty. meself, i like recoil springs.

    im assuming its a twosmoke grubee...

    me thought once, hows way bearing on crank shaft. a starter spring in a modified housing over the crank.roll it back, that winds the spring, by turning the motor backwards... :thinking:
    disengage clutch quicly :) my heads telling me that then the spring would unwind and spin the engine the correct way for running...
    once running, one way bearing merrily spins without doing anything but look smug :jester:
  5. this is what i think about grubee pull starts
    fg 017.JPG
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    I got a new pull start today that had a wire cable instead of rope pull start. So far, it is 300% better than my old rope starter meaning it has survived 9 pull starts to date wtihout a failure (installed yesterday). Typical rope starter is good for 3 pulls before something brakes.