Installing my first engine kit.

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by modezpad, Nov 26, 2010.

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    ****-o. My name is modezpad. I am new to Purchased my first engine kit (Grubee) 'bout two weeks ago. I am using an old specialized hardrock gs as the bike. I believe it is a '94 or '95 model and is a 26" mountainbike with a 24" frame. The frame is almost similar to a roadie bike due to it's skinny tubes, which was a bonus because I didn't need to fuss with an engine mount adapter. Already got the engine mounted and it fits perfect. It's like the engine was made for the frame, but then again, both the bike and the engine are made in china so I guess that's why... I also hooked up the chain drive and now I need to hook up the carb/throttle/choke cable. My kit came with a carb that has requires two cables: one for the gas and one for the choke. I notice that on older engine bike kits, the carb that comes with it, looks a lot more simple and easier to tune/maintain. Which one is better? I wonder. Oh. also, the throttle that came with the kit is very cheap and flimsy looking.

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    Welcome to the forum. The second cable for the choke allows you to adjust the choke with your hands on the handlebars. It's an extra cable to attach but it is safer.
    The carburetor mounted choke lever is tough to use when wearing gloves because I can't see it.