Installing the 26mm carb on NE5

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Apr 4, 2008
Wichita, KS
Hi all,

I just purchased a brand new 26mm carb that was on an unused NE5 Whizzer motor.

I have included pictures - it should ship out soon. The seller said the spacers/gaskets are included.

Will I need any sort of adapter to get this to fit? I am not even sure what these go for new (when they were available) - I paid $65. Worthy investment?




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Hi Matthew as per Quenton I milled manifold down to 1/2 to 5/8 looking at clearance,I all so step drilled carb side to match port size then used taper roll for finish .last thing, I shortend thread on head side of stud toget final fit . you will also need to order k/n filter for this size carb .If you cant find filter or dont want to mess with machining ,PM me or Quenton ...Bill Green P.S. Ihad to make two new gaskets ,I have gasket punches
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I addition to Bill's comment, let me add the following. First the original NE 26 MM carburetor setup used a plastic [bake-o-lite] spacer approx 3/8" wide, but had a nasty habit of cracking [Ask Rif, as we found his cracked at Portland, IN last year]. Use the new aluminum manifold, but as Bill stated it is too long and works better if shorteden to approx. 5/8". And as Bill said it helps to shorten the mounting studs to allow the correct fit.
The early NE original 26 MM carburetor kit came with the spacers & gaskets, and cost over $100.00, and was made in Tiawan. There are several versions being sold, but are made in Japan, have different main and pilot jets, but can be modified with earlier Whizzer parts.
Have fun,
K/n Filter

I put a 26mm on my whizzer and used my stock air cleaner. It was real tight to get on but it went. Would I gain performance if I got a new k/n filter to fit better? If so does anybody have the k/n part number that will fit?
I received my 26mm carb today - it is a Keihin PD made in Japan.

The spacers and gaskets that were supposed to be included as per the auction did not come with the carb - hopefully I can still get them from the seller.

I noticed that the overflow tube was wet at the tip and my bike was gunked up again - it is gasoline flowing out the end of the overflow tube on my stock 22mm NE5 carb. I have also noticed my MPG is not as good as I would expect - so doing some research I discovered this -

" If your carburetor has higher than expected gas consumption and is dripping gas, this could be the culprit. After you've removed the float, you'll see the float valve hanging from it. When the float bowl fills up with gas, the float pushes on the float valve which in turn shuts off the flow of gas to the carburetor until the gas level goes down in the float bowl."

What is the solution to remedy this? NOOB ALERT - WARNING - where is the float even located on my carb?


Hi Matthew, & everyone,
Here is some information about Whizzer carburetors, first the carburetor you purchased wasn't the original version used on the early NE motor. The early NE motor used a carburetor made in Tiawan, not Japan. The original Whizzer version was a "PD", not a "PZ". The original Whizzer 26 MM cost a lot more, but was a Bolt on item, whereas the "PZ" versions usually require some "tuning" to work correctly. The original Whizzer unit had a 100 mail jet , but the "PZ" has a 92. I am working with several owners tyring to figure out the correct jets & settings to work smoothly on the Whizzer motor. Here are a few comments that might help concerning the 22 & 26 MM carburetors, first the float height on the 22 MM is 22 MM, and is 14 MM on the 26 MM carburetor [bend the tab holding the shut off valve on the float to arrive at the correct height]. The measurement is taken [with the float bowl removed] with the carburetor turned up side down, with the float resting on the shut off valve, measure from the top of the floats to the bottom of the carburetor housing. One word of caution, if you get the float bowl gasket on the 22 MM carburetor wet with gas it will swell up, and you will have to wait until it shrinks down to size before re-installing the float bowl. The idle mixture adjustment is different between the 22 & 26 MM carburetor, on the 26 MM the adjustment controls fuel, and on the 22 MM it controls the air, so clockwise on the 22 MM is reducing the air and making the carburetor rich, but on the 26 MM clockwise will lower the fuel and go lean. The normal main jet is 88 on the 22 MM carburetor. The normal setting for the idle mixture screw on the 22 MM is 1 - 1/2 turn out, and one turn out on the 26 MM version.
Have fun,
Hi Quenton,

Thanks for the wealth of information.

You said the original 26mm was Taiwan and a PD - the one I have is Japan and PD - both PD. I do not have a PZ - so does this make a difference as far as being bolt on as you said the PD was just a bolt on and the PZ was not?

Am I overthinking this? I guess since I got the 26mm cheap enough I can open her up and see how she works - reverse engineer it and maybe learn a bit more about how they work. Next to riding the Whizzer I am having a grand time learning so much about how an internal combustion engine works!


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