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    Hi All, short introduction, been into pedal assist for awhile now. Quite simply, if you compare the efficiency of a Condor to a man, the bird is much more efficient. But when you do the same comparison between a Condor and a man on a bicycle, then the equation totally changes, well now add a highly efficient motor and then you really have something. I like the quiet and serenity of riding a bicycle but it is nice to have some help on the hills on occasion.

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    G'day and welcome to MBc.
    What about a condor with a Happy Time engine on it's back...what about a man on a bicycle with a condor as an engine....what about a condor on a Happy Time engine with a man pushing.
    These important questions need to be answered......silly don't push Happy Time engines;or do they. ;)

    Sorry man,couldn't resist it. :smile:
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    Welcome aboard
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    welcome to MBc ! :D
  5. I want a condor. It's not fair.

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    Is that a European Condor or an African condor. How about the Schwinn Condor there's an idea.

    Welcome to Mbc
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    Naw, that would be a south american condor or a california condor maybe... welcome anyhow; would the condor be able to backpeddle?
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    Hi, I'm think'n Southern Fried Condor, mmmm.
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    Welcome to Mbc, lots of fun people here.