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    Hey there, i got an engine kit from bike berry over Christmas break and have mounted it on 2 bikes already, the first didnt work out because it was a mountain bike with certain frame dimensions that didn't permit the derailer to work properly.Currently the engine is on a 26" huffy cruiser from Walmart, i rode it twice before taking it back apart to pack the rear hub with grease and change the sprocket mounting system and there it sits while the mount comes in.Ive been cruising around the threads for a couple weeks now and am constantly amazed with the info and solutions that people come up with thanks y'all

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    Welcome to the forum. I fiddled with Mopars back in the day; Dusters and Demons. I watch Graveyard Cars when I can.
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    I would recommend packing your front hub, and bottom bracket bearings. I have two Walmart bikes and both of them had minimal grease in all the bearings.