iRide Customs Board Racer

3 words...OMG!

as usual, outstanding & beautiful work from the iRide camp :cool:

It ALL comes down to one simple thing for a gorgeous bike... Attention to detail. Absolutely show quality....
Well, after almost a year, the Vintage bike has been finished.
i think i remember you talking about that.
thats really awesome, Dan :devilish::cool:;):D:cool::D

how does she ride? or, should i say 'how does she iRide?' haha :rolleyes: *groan. booo! hiss!*

it looks awfully comfy. really nice. can i have it?

also, the old-style boarder frame, mixed with chopper forks works!
ps- you might want to throw some silicone on both sides of exhaust gasket....starting to throw some oil back. dont wanna ruin that pretty red, right?:)
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Looks good Dan.Can't wait to go riding with you The Whizzer NE5 is almost broke in and my Girlfriend Whizzer Ambassador is almost ready to start riding.Are you taking it to the Ocean park ride.
Are you taking it to the Ocean park ride?
please do,'s always easier to re-acquaint in real life. you & your work are always welcome in our lil town :cool:
as paris would say THATS HOT
very nice i ride let us know how she rides OMG!!!