CVT Is there anyone who doesn't want a NuVinci CVT hub??

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Do you want a NuVinci CVT hub?

  1. I own one, and it rocks!

  2. I own one, and it sucks!

  3. I want one and will own it very soon.

  4. I want one, but I'm waiting for more reviews.

  5. I want one... I'm just waiting for the price to drop.

  6. I don't want one, because I couldn't repair it if it broke.

  7. I don't want one, because I'm a rebel without a cause.

  8. I just plain don't want one.

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  1. sparky

    sparky Active Member

    Poll time! Could anybody not be fascinated about this hub? This CVT hub with two freewheels on it is quite an amazing product.

    Here's a video on it for those who really don't know:

    How could anyone not want such a great invention??

  2. SirJakesus

    SirJakesus Guest

    I've got one it seems like the best possible manual transmission for a bicycle IMO. Now it seems most motored bikers ride mostly on the flats which makes this thing rather useless but I was sick of having to make the compromise between high torque gearing for fast hill climbing and trail riding at the expense of top speed for on the road. I've read that you can keep pretty good cadence while pedaling with the engine too. So gone are the days that the engine is spinning the wheels too fast for me to pedal in tandem. I haven't finished my bike but I'm expecting it to be the bomb!
  3. Alaskavan

    Alaskavan Guest

    I see one in my future, but I have enough on my plate right now.
  4. Woah. This is a NuVinci AUTOMATIC hub. No shifting. CVT.
    I need to sleep now. My dreams will be fantastic.
  5. Alaskavan

    Alaskavan Guest

    Large, there is shifting involved.
  6. lobsterboyx

    lobsterboyx Guest

    i was wondering what the buzz is about these, would this be the drive gear or the pedal gear for a 2 stroke?

    i was thinking when i first saw that vid a few weeks ago - with a small sprocket, this would fly.
  7. SirJakesus

    SirJakesus Guest

    They can be used with dual right hand sprockets. So both your motor and pedals take advantage of the CVP. And yes, you do need to shift.
    Van, if you already have a CV transmission on your trike im sure this would be basically useless to you. However if you ever wanted to upgrade your trek it would be the way to go. Got mine for the steep and rugged trails and roads around here.
  8. Oh. I thought CVT is like on them scooters with that belt thing and those two pulleys that get big and small whatever.

    My dreams were amazing too.
  9. sparky

    sparky Active Member

    Yea... the name is pretty deceiving.

    I guess it's just constantly variable if you want it to be..??
  10. Alaskavan

    Alaskavan Guest

    It might be easier if we refered to the NuVinci as a planetary transmission.
  11. Like in an automatic transmission LOL!!!
  12. quay1962

    quay1962 Guest

    hello...that is shwing!!! very cool..gonna watch it again as I am at a friends house durring my lunch break...have a good and Happy motoring....:grin:
  13. SimpleSimon

    SimpleSimon Active Member

    Okay. I just spent 45 minutes searching for the physical specifications of the NuVinci hub. All I can find is a passing mention on the Staton site that the diameter is 5.9 inches. Some help, not enough.

    What I need are the following spec:
    1) Hub barrel diameter;
    2) Spoke flange diameter (and thickness)
    3) input sprocket diameter/tooth number (typical)
    4) Axle diameter;
    5) rear drop out required width (I have that as 5 3/8 inches, but I'm not sure I am correct)
    6) Hub width

    If anyone has them, I could use the specs on the hub as supplied by Staton for use as a mid-drive;

    7) secondary (power assist) sprocket diameter/tooth count;
    8) output (spoke flange mounted) sprocket ring OD and thickness. In addition, can that output flange mounted sprocket ring be mounted to either the right or left flange on the hub? I sure hope so, as it will make chain run clearance issues much simpler for my trike design.

    E-mailing Staton has been utterly fruitless. I am at the point where continued fabrication is at a full stop until I have that info. If I culd, I'd just buy one, but as I am designing this trike the NuVinci hub will become a mid-drive to replace the old shimano internal hub I'm using for now. I really, really don't want to have to rebuild the rear swing arm totally when I finally do get a NuVinci hub
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  14. Mairead

    Mairead New Member

  15. Hardcarve1

    Hardcarve1 Guest

    I have one and I think it's great. I ride on level ground all the time but I feel it still has some realy good advantages over fixed gearing.
    I can use a smaller motor and have gone from a 50cc to a 35cc 4 stroke.
    I use less fuel.
    I make less noise as I can keep my revs lower.
    I have better acceleration which resulted in my trip times getting quicker.
    I would assume better engine life with less revs.

    What I dont like is the weight which I am getting used to now and the cost.

  16. sparky

    sparky Active Member

    The weight problem will always be an issue with NuVinci. I just now remembered that the NuVinci was my secondary reason for creating the Crash Couse... so that more people would easily choose that option, thereby driving down the price, and I'd be able to see if it's really as durable as they claim. It's definitely durable.

    I'm still not touching it until the hub is around or below $250.

    P.S. - I found this alright video that does get pretty repetitive...

    I thought you guys said that there were really only 3 settings on the shifter. Seems like there really are an infinite number of settings. This hub confuses the heck outta me.
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  17. Accender

    Accender Member

    Real BIG chain ring up front.

    I like shifting gears.
    All 27 of them.

    and it is cheap!

  18. Irish John

    Irish John Guest

    Sir Jakesus, I've read elsewhere that the problem with the NV hub is with the pedal cadence and that you end up pedalling in thin air all the time. As a geared hub it seems to be ideal but I need cadence so I can pedal a bit as well. What is your experience since tyou completed your build and what size chain ring are you using?
  19. bigkat650

    bigkat650 Member

    i'm with the 70%... just dont have the means for one at the moment
  20. grezm0nkey

    grezm0nkey Member

    i would likely buy one for a second build...not that Ive even started my first yet, but i wouldnt doubt it would happen