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    I went into a local pocket bike store and asked a few questions about the bike they were selling. It is a demo of an engine that can be mounted to the frame simply. They said it was an 80cc engine, air cooled. There were no specs on rpm or hp. They just said it went fast.

    I asked them if they could put a Polini LC on a bike. They said I was crazy putting that much power on a mountain bike. And if it were possiable, people would be doing that already. LOL Really? As far as they know - the techs and everyone - it can't be done. They really argued their point.

    That drives determination and a crash course in small engine repair or at least a good read if I had the manual.

  2. stude13

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    hi; how much did they want?
  3. Go for it!!.....Sounds like a neat project....some pocket bike engines are real screamers!

  4. isoxazole

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    They want $150 CDN for the hardware and to install everything on a bike you bring in.
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    that's not much money
    if it turns out to be a fun ride

    Ride That Thing - Mountainman
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    Jump all over that. Unless your labor ant time is only worth four bucks an hr.
    From experience, you'll will end up having 40+ hrs in labor before everything
    is said and done. Or, maybe like me most times "the love of it" is enough.
    Just my 2cents worth. :smile:
  7. isoxazole

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    That sounds good for some people.
    I want a more powerful engine that they say is impossible.
    I have a welder that is on hand and I'm in it for fun.
  8. terrence

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    If its for fun and you have the gumsion I say go for it. It sucks when people say its
    impossible when you have a vision, and you know its within your realm. Once you get in
    there, there may be no turning back, lol. terrence
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  9. bluegoatwoods

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    One of my big regrets in life is that too many times I listened to people who said, "That'll never work." There's a lot of kill-joys out there.

    Maybe sometimes they're right. But I have a feeling that it's not all that often.
  10. terrence

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    So true, thats why graucho's living his dream and Im sitting here whacking
    on keys talking about MB's LOL
  11. isoxazole

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    I understand that it has been done.
    It is just not done that often.
    Like the Polini Build guy, for example.
    Who can really spend that much on LC setup just
    to see if it works on a mountain bike.

    anyway the specs on the 80cc bicycle motors are 2 cycle 3.5 h.p
  12. 5-7HEAVEN

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    Installing almost any small engine is possible, cost and feasibility notwithstanding. A knowledgeable mechanic friend would be helpful. Tools, workspace and determination also.

    To safely harness the power of any engine is key to safety and performance.