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    It's NOT alive?:(
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    lol I forgot to add the pics back
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    Looks awesome! Really wish they still made those tires.
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    Excellent use of my exclusive 10G long shaft direct shifting kit.
    It's tricky for sure, but getting rid of a chain, sprocket and carrier bearing to put the output on the right for a shifter makes it worth it, if you are clever like you.

    Nicely done bud, thanks for sharing ;-}
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    KC you rock bud couldn't of done it without you !!
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    Losing almost all of your pedal torque while engine is at >3K RPM is "worth it" and "clever"? Heh. You're probably biased.
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    Hence the motor ! haha At least try to have some intelligence when your being a ******* lol.Oh im sure
    now you'll spew some gear ratio stuff but im 6' 220 and it takes my ass from dead stop to 25 without
    peddling ..But again thanks The-aleman you are the man ...lmfao ...Heh...your probably jealous ...or biased but im sure your very clever and worth it .
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    Like you, pedals are just a convenient back-up system to me, and it pedals just fine with the engine off.

    Almen just wants pedals to be a usable part of the power train is all, nothing wrong with that.
    Heck a doped up Lance Armstrong can produce .1hp on a good day and that could be all you need on a steep hill.

    The difference between a 49cc and 53cc HS engine is only .3hp and you can sure feel that so he has a point.

    The things is, the 10G is just an improvement on the 4G and SBP jackshaft shift kit combo.
    It accomplishes the same goal, has the same pedal ratio, and costs about the same.

    The improvements were made to "get 'er done" easier and to maintain it once it's built.
    Once the engine and base are mounted, YOU NEVER HAVE TO MOVE THEM!

    For a SBP/4G combo:
    To tighten a left side chain you have to move the whole engine forward.
    To tighten the right side you have to move the whole engine base mount up!

    You have to do this a couple of times in the build and testing part and the worst part of jackshafting with any of the 50+ shifters I have built.

    Chains get loose with use.
    One less is better.

    Sure there are tensioners, the 10G has one for the right side for it's short chain, but you can't do that with any SBP kit until you get everything worn in enough to be past the initial new chain/sprocket combo which is a real pain in the butt be it a 2-stroke or 4-stroke build.

    So Almen, no this system does not fit your pedal needs.
    It does however have it's merits for those that want gears over pedaling does it not?
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    LOL Kc your too nice !!! But I guess you have to be since this is your business .. There is way to say "it's not what I would want "without
    being a ass like he was ..But hey what do I know lmao..Have a nice day !!!
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    Chain, i've never ridden ape hangers. I've always worried it might make your hands numb due to blood flow?
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    I live in Arkansas where our summers can produce 110 degrees with 70% humidity so instead of riding my road bike that I can maintain about a 15mph pace on flat ground, I can ride my Mab @30mph and use my gearing to match the pedal pace I want to maintain and use the throttle to dictate how hard I must work to maintain my speed to get the amount of work I'm willing to do, except now I have 30mph wind in my face assuming no wind.
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    lol? Hey, if you're cool with losing over half your motorized bicycle's torque due to a shortcut design, more power to you, no pun intended of course.

    I'm 6'4" 230, mine does the same thing, and I can still pedal assist to almost 8K RPM in every gear. You couldn't pedal assist much if you wanted to, tho. You've abandoned that.

    Jealous? How could I be jealous? I'm just a guy who's been around here a long time and remembers much. I also don't respect any bullcrap. I'll remember it, too.

    Oh, and I know the difference between "you're" and "your". Does that qualify me as being "the man"? Are you even qualified to say? :rolleyes7:

    It does _not_ have the same pedal ratio when the engine is running - you've eliminated part of the reduction. Your system causes a MaB to lose most of it's available torque.
    It's not an improvement. YOU think it's an improvement, but actually it's an enormous compromise.

    I haven't moved my base in 4 years. I don't even have the SBP adjustment mechanism installed anymore. Full halflink chains eliminate that requirement from my testing.

    I agree that chain adjustment is a PITA on a shifter build, but full halflink chains pretty much eliminate that issue. I use KMC HL710L instead of 410.

    If that extra chain allows for proper reduction, I'll take it. If I didn't want to pedal I'd buy a motorcycle.

    Motor-assisted Bicycle. What happens when the "assist" is implemented in such a way that it renders the "bicycle" aspect superfluous?
    Oh yeah, you get what some people derisively call a "DUI Special", a bicycle for people who wouldn't ordinarily ride a bicycle. I see a lot of those around here.

    I know, it's hard for you to get certain details right. Like the fact my s/n is "Aleman" (you almost always mess that one up :goofy: ).
    Or when you post pictures of your builds, most of them have misaligned brakes. I saw one bike you were trying to sell for over $1K had a groove worn in the sidewall from the brake pad. Heh.

    I jumped in because he said it was "clever". I disagreed with that, then you decided to call me names. I'm the ass? HA!

    Nothing says ass like a guy who screws up "you're" constantly and types silly stuff like "a ass". It's obvious you two are made for each other. I'm sure you'll overlook each other's faults.
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    Like I said the aleman your the man !!! if i knew what "aspect superfluous" meant would i be offended ?! LMAO Please "remember" this aleman ............Your the man !!!LMAO PS... i respect bull crap cuz it makes the flowers grow !!!!Oh did i tell you ...You Da Man Aleman !!!
    Have a Happy Holiday Aleman !!! LMAO
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    fcb812ee7ead65aa72a2769f57ce71d0-1.jpg Hey , No it's what Im use to. On the dyno the way you sit high, the apes make your hands and arms shoulder height . That's why I wanted a higher tank so I'm kina sitting in the bike more then on top of it .
  17. KCvale

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    Nice ride chain ;-}
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    Hey thanks KC ! But I really hope the aleman likes it !!!! LMAO what a great Guy !!! lol , Guys like him are insecure and
    love to show how much they know and love to knock others down , it makes them feel like a man I guess ?? Im sure he will say he is trying to help ''Us" that don't have his wisdom lol ,but it's the way he says it that you know what he really is about ...
    I love this bike man ! it rides so smooth, Totally everything I was hoping for .
    I didn't think it would take me from a start without pedaling the thing . Thanks again .
    Anyone looking for a 4 stroke kit CONTACT KC !!!! It's frigging awesome !!!!
    And it's way easier to build then KC says . But that's the mark of a true builder not a guy trying to sell you
    some bull crap kit !!
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    Neither KC or The Aleman have ever given me bad advice. When I go down to our Arkansas public diamond mine, I don't look for rocks, I look for diamonds. Each shovel full I dig might contain both or perhaps not. I focus on the diamonds and ignore everything else. You never know when someone may hand you a shovel full that contains a diamond in there. Advice is often like that.
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    Hey , No I understand ,but for me it's how I was handed the shovel . I don't need to hear from a fine fellow like the aleman who is "One of the very first to shift-kit a 4G with an IGH back in 2010, still rolling it nearly 10K miles later!" Id rather struggle then take advice or wisdom from a Great Guy Like The Aleman . LOL sorry man I dont like bullies or people like him . I'll find and dig my own diamonds But
    your advice is very appreciated 2old2learn but I am also 2 Old To Change and Learn LOL