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just a newbie here



hi guys
Just a newbie here, was hoping I could get some advice on buying a four stroke engine and bicycle to travel to work,it would be great if you could point me in the right direction, I live in the sth east suburbs of melbourne and work is about 20k's away



close enough, i was able to nudge it over for ya ;) there's some helpful links in my signature for forum newbies :)

take your time and explore the different drives, as all styles offer a 4-stroke option...head down to "the Garage" and (all together now) read read read the forums, we keep the bs to a minimum in there, so you can learn a lot about a lot...another fun place to "shop" is the pic gallery, but i bet you've already figured that out. so, you've surely noticed there's a fair number of you down under, maybe go look in "let's ride" & see if anyone's managed to organize a ride, eh?

welcome to MBc :cool: