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    Always leaned towards those vintage British bikes of the early 20's.

    0617151731.jpg 0617151725.jpg 0617151726.jpg 0617151728.jpg 0613151515.jpg 0603151633.jpg

    Had to have a sidecar of sorts. First go round on design. Based off a Watsonian Gentlemans bicycle side car that could fold up over rear wheel, but original construction gave me too large a footprint for traffic. Changed the mount to fit closer to the frame and shortened the platform. It won't go over the rear wheel but folds up nicely to a rubber pad mounted to the rack. Platform has a wooden deck. I intend to add support springs so my milk runs dont shake too bad. Headlight, taillight, sidecar light and brake lights are LED hooked up via USB cables to a Power Pack. Tail, brake and sidecar lights are modified keyboard lamps (Ebay .99). Headlight is a 2200 lumen Cree headlamp wired to USB (Ebay 5$). Phone Power pack (Ebay 14$) charges in about an hour and gives me about 5-6 hrs run time. Refaced speedo and added some bling by overlay of new face and faux metal casing on cable and wheel sprocket.

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    Very cool bike. You have a lot of clever details on it.
    Definitely wear goggles when driving that one.
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    Wild bike, I love it.