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Discussion in 'Stolen Bicycles & Security' started by willwills90, May 23, 2015.

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    Hey Guys,

    wondering it is possible to put a system so that you cant start the bike without a key, i think it would dramatically increase security, ive seen it on those little pull start dirtbikes, so i shouldnt think its too hard, right?

    also off topic, is it possible to get a locked cap for fuel tank, i was just getting on it to go home from lake and a couple guys where just unscrewing the cap and were going to siphon out petrol, so now, i prefer to have a lockek fuel cap,

    thanks :)
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    yes and yes
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    thanks bro :)
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    but wouldn't it take like a min to hotwire??
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    not particularly important. all a lock does is keep honest people honest. if someone wants to steal the bike all they have to do is stick it in the bed of a truck and figure it out when they get home.