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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by crackers, Aug 6, 2009.

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    I haven't read of anyone else kick starting there ht engine's on this forum before. Make's me think it mabe a bad idea but seams to me it has to be a lot easyer on the complete drive train than popping the clutch, which in my opion is hard on the clutch and also the main reason the chain stretch's and the chain tensioner gets pulled towards the spoke's or sometimes into them. The sudden torque on the engine when the clutch is popped has to contribut to or be the cause of the engine mount studs snaping off.
    How I start mine is by bringing the crank arm on the left side of my bike (this is with me facing foward next to the bike) to the 10 O-Clock position, engaging the clutch, lifting my bike by the rear of the seat untill the rear tire is off the ground by a couple of inch's and kick start it, AS SOON AS IT STARTS DISENGAGE THE CLUTCH! and sit the bike back on the ground. I have a thatsdax F50 47cc and it starts first kick (even when it's cold) every time. I don't know why anyone would start one differently. But if there be a reason please let me know. If not, give it a try and let me know whar you think!
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    Well I found out why there isn't anybody kick starting there ht engines this way after I put a few more miles on my engine. Being a new engine (not broken in) it's compression was low, now with a few more miles on it and the commpression is much higher I can no longer start it this way. You know one of you could have told me, instead here I am with egg on my face (again):dunce:
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    It's OK Crackers, we're over 50 and we don't care if we get egg all over ourselves.
    How's that for a good attitude? Did it help?
    Now for you young guys, you will just have to wait your turn to not care.
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    why wait??? I don't care anymore. Why do you think I ride an MB???
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    Anything is better than a pull start to me.
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    Vtec, you are right. But usually it take a while to get this mellow.
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    Thanks guy's I'm still learning about these new contraptions. I'm just glad it still starts, first time I tried to start it after it had it's new found compression I was sure the engine was froze up. Then when I tride starting it the conventional way (poping the clutch) it started right up, had a lot more power and wasn't four stroking, well I thought of this post and thought you dum s**t.