KMC 910, 1/2 x 3/16 chain


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Oct 3, 2018
you can buy alot of less expensive chains for that price what makes it worth the price? looks like any other chain


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Sep 23, 2013
The 3/16" bmx chains like the K910, and the Profile Blackjack chainrings (and the fat freewheel I forget the name of) were used not for strength under pedalling but to resist extremely harsh impacts against concrete and steel in the freestyle bmx disciplines of "street" and "park".
This was in the days before compact chainsets. The chain and chainring get hit a lot less these days, though people do still "grind" on their chains sometimes. The fashion nowadays is for somewhat lighter bikes.

The X9-99 you linked is not suitable for most of us because it is a narrow (11/128") multi-speed chain (although I do use the very similar X9-93 myself).
Most of the MB drivetrain parts are made for either 1/8" chain or 3/16", and few builders want to grind their sprockets thinner to make the narrower 3/32" or 11/128" chains fit.
Multi-speed chains are unnecessary for most (although I do use one, for highly unusual reasons), but 3/32" single-speed chains such as Gary mentioned are used for bmx racing, bicycle trials, and on many single-speed cruisers.
Any of these chains has easily enough "strength" for our engines.
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