losing power up hills!



hey, first time on the board.

my engine is a 48cc chinese and i've probably done about 40km on it. It was going well for the first 30km and now its really struggling up hills to where im flogging my legs on the pedals to keep it going.

i did leave the fuel line on a few times after use, which i know is a no no but i forgot! This caused some oil to trickle out of the muffler. could this be related to my problem?

i have cleaned out the carb and it looks ok. gaskets look ok too.

any ideas?

The 20/1 fuel mix will kill a plug fast, go to 40/1 and a new plug and let us know if that helps.

Ok Joe,
Straighten me out here. A 40/1 mix runs cooler or hotter than a 20/1 mix?
Wouldn't it be the more lube included the better the protection but the more the gunk the worse the plugs?
My Brain Cell Hurts!
I thought the ratio was 50:1? Well maybe that only applies if your using synthetic? It would be a good idea to get my facts straight :)
40/1 will run cooler. More oil does not equate to better cooling. I know this goes against logic, but that's the way it is sometimes.

Run 20-24/1 for a tank during break-in if it gives you the warm fuzzies, then go to 40/1.

Higher oil mixtures cause a leaner fuel to air mixture, not good.

The reason the instructions say to use 20-24/1 is simply because the Chinese tend to use very low quality motor oil in the mix, not good quality (re: synthetic) oil.
These engines are not powerhouses and do tend to slow down a bunch on hills, especially at my altitude fo 6800 feet.

With that said, when I experience a loss of power I immediate check fof two things:

1. Air leak...could be in carb, could be intake gasket etc..

2. LOOSE HEAD BOLTS <---much more common :)

Next time you are on a hill and losing power, slowly engage carb choke and see if there is a setting that improves power. If there is a setting that helps, it means you are running too lean and overheating your engine.
I would assume that would be similar to the adding more thermal paste while mounting a cpu heatsink does not equate to cooler cpu and will actually overheat. Got it! :)

I guess I will run 40:1 after breakin and see how it goes.
thanks for that...

firstly i've made sure the head bolts are tight

tried to get up a hill and adjusted the carb with no success in improving performance.

is it normal during break in to lose power...then it will come back later? before this problem i could easily get up hills and now it struggles at slight inclines and dies on the steep

im pretty sure im still in break in period as i've done about 40-50km and there is still knocking sounds in the engine so i wont try the 40:1 mix yet.

any other thoughts?
Yes, plug is hort for spark plug.
What's this knocking sound you are refering to?