MB ride in the RI area

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  1. lucas

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    I know there are not many motorbikers in RI. was wondering if we could put togather a ride. m*******s and connecticut welcome. was thinking of a trip a round trip thru these three states flowwing the coast.. got the most relaxed laws outside of arizona.

    dicuss if your interested.

  2. fm2200

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    How long have you been riding mb's over there in RI. Here on Staten Island there are only a few, seen as a more of an oddity than anything else. I will have mine two years this September, this state don't allow home made mb's, this will definitely keep the number's down, state approved bikes that are complete from the factory only.
  3. james65

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    RI Rally

    Sounds good. Do you have any route planned?

    Jim from MA.
  4. lucas

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    . i could put a route together. north to mas west to conn south to Narragansett camp on beach. send me a message. my girl also has a mb. see if we can find 2 three more.