MBc Member Comparison: Simpson-Grubee / Dax

iRide Customs

Apr 27, 2007
Well, I got it MacGuyver-ed back together. I easy outed the broken threads and Richard brought over a thread in nipple fitting and I am temporarily using a paper clamp thing to stop the gas flow when it's not in use.

BTW, I got it rideable a while ago and put a fire in it. It took about 3 feet and she fired right off. Did a few more adjustments to it and took her for a spin around the block. The rubber mount bushing failed miserably...they would mech better as tank mounts. I removed what was left of them and solid mounted it to the frame.

So far the Dax engine is running great. It makes A LOT more noise than the Grubee...not exhaust noise but engine rattly noise. Hopefully that will go away when it breaks in a little. As of now I can't say one is better than the other as far as performance and reliabilty is concerned.

Time to celebrate with some cold, foamy adult beverages.