Micargi Bronco 110CC Piranha 4 stroke 3speed automatic

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  1. i-paint

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    I recently finished this bike. The spokes are 11ga. from Worksman powdercoated black. The front hub is dual disc from Choppers Us. I replaced the ball bearings with ceramic balls. The rims are powdercoated neon green and are Weinmann double wall 1.5" I believe. The tires are 3". The front end is from Choppers US and I powder coated it black along with the handlebars. The rear hub is a Worksman alloy drum brake. I removed the brake and had a disc hub machined to fit inside the drum. The disc brake is an Avid BB7 with a 180mm rotor. I added the bracket on the outside of the brake to keep it from twisting in the dropout.

    I removed the seat post tube but the bracket for the jackshaft adds strength back to the frame.

    I shortened the shifter to let me up shift with my heel while on the bike pedal To downshift I have to move my foot back to the rear of the shifter arm, works out well.

    The ride is good on this bike. It is eight feet long overall.

    I have ridden about 100 miles on it. Been 56mph tops so far.

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  2. smithe68

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    Very nice, I love looking at everyone's new and old projects, it gives me so many ideas (sometimes too many!) and as soon as I recover from knee surgery (had today), I will be out in the garage starting my first mb.
  3. a/c man

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    That's really nice work.
    Clean, professional build.
    My hat is off to you sir.
    There aren't enough people out there with the dollars and "sense"
    that you have.
    Love the brakes....
  4. i-paint

    i-paint New Member

    Thank you sir. Judging by the comments on this build, you are in the minority of people that like this one.

  5. Whizzerd

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    i-paint, nice job. Lots of innovation. Glad you're enjoying it.
  6. Reb

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    very nice! looks fun to ride, and I admire your creativity and obvious PATIENCE! It takes a lot of both to get a bike looking that good.
  7. cpuaid

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    Very, very nice build. Really love the color scheme. Congrats on a job well done!
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  9. tone2crazy

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    old thread but, nice bike. looks fun as ****. white knucle ride for sure.
  10. rustycase

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    I'm glad this thread has bumped up!
    Nice little mini-chopper... I like it!
  11. buzbikebklyn1

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    To cool for school!
    nice build.
  12. Cyclelogic83

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    What can I say, I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!