might sell my chopper :-/

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    DJEEPER Member

    I had someone come into the bike shop i work at and offer me 900 for my chopper.

    It has well into 1200 (retail)of work/parts.

    Nexus 7 speed hub, tuned pipe, custom triple tree fork/raked out frame, jackshaft kit, etc...

    I enjoy riding this thing that it will be hard for me to sell it... but 900 is a decent offer...

    what do you guys think? (also, imagine it is your bike that someone offered you to sell)

    this is the bike:

    whaddya think.....? deal or no deal?

  2. rkbonds

    rkbonds Member

    That would depend on how much you enjoy this bike. Or if you wanted to build something different. If it was me and my bike the money would be nice but, I don't think I'd sell unless I really needed the money. :thinking:
  3. Hawaii_Ed

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    I agree with rkbonds. Nice ride, obviously alot of blood, sweat, and dollars went into it!

    DJEEPER Member

    well, my jeep's rear axle locked up on me 2 weeks ago, and even though i replaced all the gears, bearings and stuff myself....it still put my account pretty darn low with bills coming up!

    i think i shall let this one go and build a better one. Next one will have a nice wide back tire, maybe front too?