Minimize vibrations with home made bracket


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Jan 22, 2008
Essex, England, UK
I found this idea on another site. Never seen it before its got a good installation guide.

This is a third bracket that can be used to minimize vibrations from the engine by stabilizing the engine. This could be hand made using a strip of metal bent using hand tools and maybe a vice. One end is secured to the engine using the head bolt on the cylinder head. Then clamped to the top tube of the bicycle underneath the fuel tank.

Just an idea to stabilize things a bit.


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pretty neat!!!, i might try that!
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I remember someone here, mentioning pocket bike motors have that third mount. That we should make something similar. Very cool to see it in the wild.

Definitely going to find some new head bolts (6MM threaded stock right?), before attempting this mod. Would be better for the engine if we could get more than one bolt on the bracket.

edit: a quick search told me 6mm threaded stock is right.
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I want to make a note that a seperate nut is holding that bracket. There's a nut below that that keeps torque on the head.
I like it. Gives a reason to replace the head bolts anyway.
I do find myself about once a week or two holding my 10mm wrench retightening my motor mounts. I bet that mount would make my tightening a bit less frequent. Heck,I may even want to go smaller sprocket with the less vibrations.
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Very good could be improved slightly by making-up a brachet and connecting to both head bolts,but what the guys done there is great.
I'm gonna liberate this idea. :)
Yes. Stronger too. I would go with a bracket that connects all four bolts except the spark plug may get in the way....or two brackets that connect the two front then the two rears.
I've been looking at the roadster today with this in mind. I think it can be done with 1 bracket to all 4 bolts but it wont be pretty. It's going to get one, but it may take awhile to find something that pleases my eye.
Rubber Mounted?

Could these kits be rubber mounted to the frame with a rubber spacer?
I suppose it would have to be temperature resistant.
Could these kits be rubber mounted to the frame with a rubber spacer?
I suppose it would have to be temperature resistant.
Most ppl already rubber mount their kit to help isolate engine vibration & protect their frame & make more certain they don't sheer engine mounting studs,but there's more IF u wanna take the effort.The top of the head is where most excess movement occurs so if u could restrict this then you've done your best to ensure your engine remains isolated but rigid in it's frame.