Exhaust Minor Exhaust Manifold Leak...normal?

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by mcassMB6, Jun 25, 2008.

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    After each - my block is covered in some blackened spatter coming from the exhaust manifold. Quick to clean. Is some exhaust going to blow by, or should I address this now?

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    I use to get this all the time too, I just spread some gasket sealant round it. It stops the splutter for about two weeks and then it comes back again. I think it is because the exhaust manifold on the exhaust pipe isn't 100% flat, it has a slight curve to it. The gasket absorbs most of this misalignment but not all of it. I guess to fix the problem you should grind it totally flat then that should do the job.

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    BoltsM has just posted a possible solution. It appears that I was only half right, the exhaust pipe manifold isnt flush to the block, but only at high temperatures, where it tends to warp; therefore breaking the seal.

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    I! Dont worry,this linking may be due the mixture.(if you out to much oil the combustion stops to be so "rentable" and the oil get out by the exoust) you may notice that blackened spatter is the same that old oil(or burned oil)

    Realy sorry about my english....since i am portuguese
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    I try to deal asap with this type of problem on all engines.. The thing to remember in regards to exhaust leaks is that - they never get better they only get worse... I would try to find a BETTER QUALITY GASKET and possibly some high tec - heat resistant sealer.. Not to sure about finding heat resistant sealer -- I could be dreaming !! Happy Riding from - Mountainman
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    Yeah theres loads on the market, I think over there you have something called RTV sealant, or yamabond. Just look for gasket sealant. Its a high temperature polymer that starts as a paste and cures into a plastic seal. A bit like Mastic.