Mitsubishi TLE-43 question

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by ollicat, Dec 29, 2008.

  1. ollicat

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    Hey folks,

    Newby here. My owners manual says to mix fuel 40:1, no problem. What would the engine do if I had a richer mixture or leaner mixture?

    2nd question. When I first bought the kit, it started in the 3rd pull. Now, 400 mies later, it takes about 25 pulls. What can I do here to help it start up faster?


  2. jg767

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    Make sure the air filter is clean, check the plug for fouling, and make sure the carb cover is on right. My tanaka 40 is much easier to start than my mits., but the mits. is quieter. I'm running the tanaka for the winter, I took my bike in a car wash today, sprayed the motor down good, wiped the wire with adry rag and it started right up! I'm still runnng about 60 miles a day, I'm using Nokian studded snows, they go through anything. But I'm in new england, you probably don't need to worry in TN. BTW, you need to back off the choke as soon as the the motor stars to catch, you don't want to flood it.
  3. 5-7HEAVEN

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    I have twin Mitsubishis on "The Iron Dragon". Now that both are broken in and use 50:1 mixture, they seem to start quicker.

    Squeeze the throttle, prime the bulb, choke the carb, replace the sparkplug.
  4. ollicat

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    spark plug! Never thought of replacing that. I know absolutely nothing about spark plugs. Are there different kinds or all they all the same. Do I just pick one up at my local AutoZone?

    Also, where is the carburetor? What am I checking for? Told you I know nothing. :)
  5. 5-7HEAVEN

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    The primer bulb is on the bottom of the carb, below the throttle cable. If you squat and look under the engine, you'll see it. It kinda looks like 1/2" of the smallest fingertip of a latex glove, and fills with gas.

    NEVER remove a sparkplug on a hot engine, as you might pull the aluminum threads along with it. Plug the hole with paper towel, take the sparkplug with you to find a match at small engine shop. Gap and reinstall. If unable to find a new sparkplug, clean the old one as well as you can, gap and reinstall. Then order new plug.
  6. ollicat

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    What do you mean by "gap"

    Also, does the spark plug unscrew or just pull out?

    Teaching me is like teaching a toddler
  7. Mountainman

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    wow - hang in there
    plug unscrews
    very careful when you put it back in
    strip out fairly easy

    if you take the plug (once removed) to auto store
    I would think that you need to buy a feeler gauge (so as to set gap)
    auto store will show you how to use

    ride that thing
  8. MotorBicycleRacing

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    I would advise you to pay someone to do it for you

    As MM said "wow"

    From what you have said so far I am convinced you
    will screw something up which will cost you far more in the long run,,,,,,,

    Anticipating your next question.........Take your bike to a small engine
    or lawnmower repair shop......

    Anticipating your next question.........Look in the Yellow pages, or Google it
  9. ollicat

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    Now ya'll are talking my language.

    Thanks for the tips
  10. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    with nothing broken

    yes -- there is a time and a place for the small engine repair shop
    worked in one for a while
    they will set you up
    be running soon
    with nothing broken
    always makes it nice when it's time to

    ride that MB THING
  11. eastwoodo4

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    new plug for sure!
  12. ollicat

    ollicat Member

    I promise I am not as dumb as I sound here - may be hard to believe though. I just want to learn and try not to make as many mistakes as possible. I just adjusted my idle speed, cleaned the air filter, and adjusted the throttle. But carburetors and spark plugs are new to me.

    Any more comments on running rich or lean on the mitsubishi?
  13. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    hey ollicat

    didn't mean to chase you right off to the small engine repair shop
    it just sounded like you may break or strip out someTHING

    ones are here on site so as to give you a helping hand
    maybe a little re-group -- and sounds like -- take it a little slow

    so where are you with the checking of your plug ?
    many guys (a very few girls) have changed and set the gap on plugs
    anybody close by you come to mind

    ride that THING
  14. ollicat

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    didn't have a chance yesterday to check the plug. I hope to do it tomorrow (day off). I should be able to get it out, it is the gap thing that has me puzzled. I really do want to learn how to do basic engine maintenance like this though
  15. seanhan

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    get a spark plug socket ( they have a rubber insert inside to help proctect the porclin )
    get a spark plug gap ring at any auto parts store or walmart.
    Look at the documentation that came with your engine for correct plug manufacture and part number. You must get the correct one or you could damage your engine.
    also dont yank on the spark plug wire, pull the cap off slowley where it plugs into the plug.
    dont overtighten the new plug, you could strip out the head !!!!
    make sure not to cross thread the new plug !!!
    have fun while you
    work on that thing !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. jg767

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    If you use an antiseize compound on the spark plug threads you'll never have a problem with stripped threads, and plug will always come out.
  17. MotorBicycleRacing

    MotorBicycleRacing Well-Known Member

    Gooooooooooooogle how to gap a spark plug

    Illustrations in this section include common spark plug appearances as well as those encountered only rarely
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  18. srdavo

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    google & wiki !

    what did we ever do without them?????????

  19. thescooterguy

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    my technique for starting press prime bulb , choke on ,half throttle, pull till it pops , then choke off half throttle , should start on very next pull , if this motor came from the the factory , screws probably need lock tight , they will rattle loose.
  20. fetor56

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    It might be a good idea to do a Small Mechanics course if your going to continue with these MB(or even if u arn't)
    Heck i'de like to do a number of courses;Small Mechanics/Basic Fitter & Turner/Boilermaker/Welder/Engineering for Idiots..........anything that's relatively cheap & i can learn from.