motorcycle builder here to learn :o)

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  1. gordonscott

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    Hello everyone, my name is Scott and I'm new to motorized bicycles,looks like a blast! I have a small business making "one-off" handemade motorcycle parts, mostly exhaust and handlebars but some frames as well. Am going to build a board track style bike and am here to learn from the pro's, cant wait! here is a little of my work...

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  2. Mountainman

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    welcome Scott

    nice looking two wheels built there

    it's going to be fun from up top this old mountain

    watching you build a motorized bicycle

    as we say around here -- have fun -- and ride that thing
  3. bluegoatwoods

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    Welcome aboard.

    I really like that vertical twin you built. that's an old Yamaha XS 650 engine, isn't it?

    I have a feeling we can expect a nice looking motor assisted bicycle from you.

    Keep us posted, huh?
  4. welcome aboard, I worked in a independent custom Harley shop building customs myself for 13 years

  5. gordonscott

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    hello guys, thanks for the welcome. That is a xs650 motor! very reliable and cheep to build compared to the american alt, I use those motors all the time(have 5 of them) for my builds. I have found some beauitiful bikes here and some great talent for sure, I know what it takes to build a motorcycle from scratch and can realy appreciate the work some of you have in these bikes, much harder then it may look, and for a few bikes here they were no easier than building a full size motorcycle, I'm VERY impressed.

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  6. one of my backups to my Harley as a teenager was a 1976 BiCentennial edition Yamaha 650 it was a great bike one of the few I wish I had kept. I had considered a chopper project using one just for a reliable daily rider as the Harleys are too expensive to maintain, all 4 of mine need extensive work with one needing case welding.

  7. mabman

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    In case you missed this one?
    The big problem with replica builds is the motor looking like a motor. The 2 stroke looks like a motor until you fire it up and figure out real fast that it is a 2 stroke. The 4 stroke alternatives, except for the Whizzer motor shown here, all look industrial. Because that is the market they were originally made for.

    At some point there will be a better looking 4 stroke made, how hard could it be for the right company, hear me Honda etc? Or Ridley to make a little V twin even? About the closest I have seen in 49cc that could be made available is this one:

    Those are some nice welds but check these out:

    Good luck and will look forward to seeing your posts here.
  8. gordonscott

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    Hey Mabman, I am VERY new to all this but looks of the motor is the second thing I realized I had to overcome. That motor you show, what is that, Lifan? I like the way "I ridecustoms" did his Indian style bike, very clever with the motor mounting and all,looks bigger then it realy is. Oh ya, nice beads! I wasn't trying to show off with that picture of my weld, just trying to introduce myself quickly sort of speak:grin5: and that BTR is very sharp, I was thinking something like this...

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