motorized bike for sale...Sold


so here's the scoop... the rear rim is warped beyond ridability, it needs a gasket or two i think, it's got the updated carb on it, ($85) from simpson motor bikes i think.. it needs a new air filter, though, new rim, new chain, chain broke from getting caught on warped rim... it's got about 500-600 miles on it, and top of gas tank is dented in. it runs, but needs help. lots of good parts, 2 cdi units, one new, one original, a few extra parts here and there, What do you think it's all worth????? i dont think anybody is in the maine area, but if so, then dont hesitate to ask about it. it's a 70cc from dax, and the bike is a huffy from Kmart. just don't have time/money anymore. and also many other projects going on, and just never got around to fixing this one.

what would you want and would you be willing to sell just the engine kit(engine ,sproket,tank etc.i'm on the west coast and shipping the while bike 'd get pricey but am interested in engine fi she's not cooked
well, i was hoping to get at minimum $85, because that's how much I paid for just the updated carb., and then however much shipping would be added onto that. I wouldn't have a problem sending just the kit, and not the whole bike.