motorized touring bicycle?



I've been roadtripping all over and am currently in the Chiricahua mountains in SE Arizona. Gas prices and off-roading in my low-slung jetta, plus the drudgery of sitting in a cramped cabin have opened me to the possibility of biking instead of driving. Specifically, a bicycle with a motor. I just started researching today, and what I think I've found is:

-As motorized bikes go, the more "modern" style is to be electric
-Laws in most states regulate that they cannot exceed 20mph or 48cc or you need a license, registration, insurance, ect.
-Most of the GAS POWERED motorized bikes that come pre made are either cruisers, or low-quality NEXT/generic-brand type bicycles, with an expensive $400-500 motor attached. where I stand on all of this is...

-Electric power is of no use to me. I am on a road trip and don't have regular access to an electric socket (I camp in National Forest)
-I am from New Hampshire, where insurance isn't required. I haven't yet been pulled over to test this out of state, but I would prefer a vehicle which doesn't require me to pass through a bunch of red tape to have peace of mind driving (the idea of building/buying a bike that can go over 20 and then sticking to 20mph when I think cops might be around has passed through my mind)
-I am not super into bike culture or know how, but I know a low quality bike is a low quality bike. My wal-mart bike fell apart in less than a year, right now I have 2 or 3 bikes that are 20-30 years old and are still in pristine or close-to-it condition (Raleigh and Bridgestones). I like simple steel.
-I need something that can tour. I have bucket panniers. I need room to mount a rack.
-I need something that can go off road. And in the rain (friction drive I've heard isn't good for this?)
-I'd prefer gas that I didn't have to pre-mix, but I'm adaptable here.

That's all I can think of now. I thought I remembered seeing a website for motorized touring bikes that were fully equipped with racks and were of very high quality, but now I can't seem to find it any more.




Think about a small motorcycle such as the classic Honda Trail 90. It'll go anywhere and gets almost the same gas mileage as the motorized bicycles. Lasts a lot longer too.



Welcome Marcus
I'm from NH too, and if you get in touch I can let you know about how to register a motorized bike in NH. Beware, it has to be under 50cc in NH. I don't think a motorized bike is good for offroad use, it's hard enough on these small engines and clutches to take onroad use. Constant starting and stopping on inclines and offroad surfaces would kill a motorized bike, I THINK. I agree with Hugemouth, a small motorcycle would be far superior for your intended use. However, speaking for myself, there's a lot of satisfaction, for some unknown to me reason, in building and tinkering with my bike. I'm having more fun with this thing than I ever had with other things I've built, including hydroplanes. My bike goes about 30 mph, and every 1/2 an mph more that I can squeeze out of it gives me a big morale boost. I guess some of us build for fun, others for transportation, and still others a combination of the two. That's it for my two cents........again, welcome!!


go with the gas, these bikes are legal in az, as far as off road there really not that great as a dirtbike, more for going to a local canp site and cruzin around. azkronic sold his haro the was way fast, this thing would do at least 40+ it was crazy(bike was very light), he sold it to a woman that had a huge RV and instead of buying a car and towing it behind her RV she bought the haro and uses it as transportation when she gets to her new camp site. really good on gas, and easy to work on. ans most of all Fun to ride........ she is on this site once in awhile ...anyways, welcome to the MBC


when i had my bike setup with mtb tires...

...i enjoyed some pretty rough beach and trail riding. don't expect too much on the hills, tho. i'd keep the gearing somewhat low if i was gonna trail-ride all the time. pre-mixing a gallon container at a time is an easy routine to get into.

welcome to MBc, cybrmarc21, kepp us posted on what you come up with 8)