My Curiser is out side covered in snow

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    My Cruiser is out side covered in snow

    Hi All
    Here's some pic's of my 81 Schwinn beach cruiser with a MX-5 engine, need any info you may have on engine. I've replaced all bearings and race's, rebuilt the coaster brake and cleaned and adjuster the carb. Right now I"m trying to figure out how to tighten the belt on the clutch, I"m thinking by rasing the engine mount on the seat post tube it should tighten the belt when it's lowered. Any ideas?

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    Look at the engine/drive mount, especially the picture from the left side. Unless my eyes deceive me, that is an "on the fly" engage/disengage roller mount, which is cable actuated and compression spring pressed onto the wheel in use.

    Glad to see I'm not crazy - that's basically a single roller adaptation of the idea I had for a two-speed friction mount.
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    nice lookin setup :)
    a ht tank would look good up on the top tube :)
    (15-20$ at any vendor ie: dax,spookytooth etc...)
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    I'm planning on a new ht tank or similar style, new black paint job with the original Schwinn decals and having the aluminum engine & exhaust cover stripped and polished.
    Not to worry your not crazy, cable operated lever mounted on handle bar raise's and lowers engine & drive roller and is held in place by a spring. The drive roller has three settings one for dry pavment, one for wet and one for rainy weather. (haven't figured that one out yet)
    I would be interested in hearing your idea for a two speed friction mount. Sounds interesting, especially to me.
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    the settings would go from light to heavy pressure on the tire. i have one that appears slightly used but i need a piston and rings. any ideas?
  6. crackers

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    I talked to a small engine shop in my area to ask about parts. They told me I would have to disassemble the engine and use a micrometer to measure piston & bore or bring it to them after disassemble. This way they could go through there catalogs and possible find something that would work.
    If you can't find a piston or rings maybe you can find another 33cc engine that will bolt up with the drivetrain. Good Luck
  7. az cra-z

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    There is no belt tension adjustment (see my post under "New Member questions" for explanation of the twin clutches).

    Stude, I have a complete unit (no gas tank, and the part of the motor mount that attaches to the frame is broken) that worked fine when I put it away several years ago. PM me if interested.