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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Large Filipino, Jul 22, 2008.

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  1. In light of what is going on in this forum I care only about friends and being a part of a family of motoredbikers.
    We have decided in the past to keep politics out of discussion.
    Because look at what politics is doing for us.
    I cannot help but to think this whole EPA talk is not about cleaning the air.
    Oh no. These engines are too small to make a dent.
    This whole EPA talk is because a dedicated member here was hurt by another dedicated member and has since tried to look for ways to destroy the other member by spreading a "virus" if you will.
    This "virus" has spread around and is splitting up people.
    As a moderator,I cannot back up the choices that are made.
    So that is why I am resigning.
    This really pains me,man,because I made a lot of friends.
    And I don't dislike anyone here.
    But this motor-sport is in it's infancy and if engines come in here in a shady fashion why should we care?
    Look at all the hurdles people had to go thru to try to get products in.
    Henry Ford did it. Harley Davidson did it.
    Tucker Failed. DeLorean failed.
    We have hurdles too. But I believe soon engines will get compliant. It's just a matter of time.
    But now we are gonna tell the EPA about someone for any reason because we dislike him?
    Yes. This is my opinion. And you will have opinions too.
    One opinion is that Large has sold out.
    You know what? You are entitled to your own opinion.
    I haven't sold out. But I cannot stay in a forum that is this hateful.
    I had asked in the mod forum for this EPA talk to simply DIE because we will lose members.
    But it didn't happen.
    Y'all know where to find me.
    Yes. I'm gonna register in the whining forum.
    Because I'm whining.
    Thank you Tom and everybody for a WONDERFUL experience.
    And PLEASE don't delete any earlier posts I've made here. Someone out there would really benefit from that.
    So you can read this anyway you like.
    But I have integrity too.
    I love you guys.


  2. This whole thing sickens me too. This place is supposed to be about community, and now it seems to be one of politics and elitism. I've read a lot of your posts, and you have my utmost respect. YGPM, keep in touch.
  3. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    John -- I have seen things such as this happen before on other sites -- no, not MB sites -- but, at times they seem to play out the same.. Might be best to just take a little time out.. Time away from this site - maybe ? After these other sites were ALL TORN up with many ones leaving -- later -- many wished they had never left !! The site was never the same... I have also been guilty in regards to talking about soom politics here -- I didn't know that we were not suppose to.. Should be a thread for just politics... Happy Riding from - Mountainman
  4. lennyharp

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    This forum has become a few peoples political agenda and I too am sorry I shared my posting time here. I do hope some of my words helped others. It looks like the throw em in jail thread has been locked up, at least I am locked out. I hate to add credibility to an invalid forum. There are lots of great people here and much good motored Bike advice. Just don't get it confused with the wrong headed political advice and opinions and you will be ok. I cannot personally ignore untruths and unfairness in politics any more than I can ignore bad bicycle advice. So I will spend a lot less time here but hope to visit some. I'm with ya Large, and you were one of the first to make me feel welcome here. Thanks.

    RATRODER Guest

    Large all I'm going to say is DON"T DO IT. louis
  6. lennyharp

    lennyharp Member

    " was created with the vision of creating a community of motorized bicycle enthusiasts, and providing a means to communicate and convey ideas, thoughts and opinions to one another to help spread the word on this alternative mode of transportation."

    is the posted Mission statement AND

    "Rules are no fun, but with as many members as MBc has, we need to establish some member guidelines to avoid complete chaos.

    1. Listen to the moderators. They are the rule enforcers and their judgment is final. Try to be respectful to them as they have a difficult position.
    2. Be respectful to others. Do not use insults – play nice with other members.
    3. Maintain a “family friendly” environment. No curse words or adult language.

    4. Search before posting a question. If you have a question, chances are that it was already asked and answered. Use the search feature to avoid repeating the same question.
    5. Post in the correct forum. Help keep our community organized by posting in the appropriate category. For example, if you have a specific technical question, post in the Garage instead of the General Discussion.
    6. Introduce yourself first. Your first post should be a new thread in the “Introduce Yourself” forum.

    7. No spamming! If you are a vendor, you must follow the Vendor Rules. If you are advertising something, make sure to do it appropriately. Over-posting or posting in the wrong categories can get you in trouble.

    Simply abide by these guidelines and your experience at MBc will be favorable."

    are the posted forum rules.

    Everybody needs to follow them but at the bottom of the rules are recommendations to report law breakers to non elected government officials with too much power and a need to justify their existence. This advice will destroy the stated Mission Statement of helping the motored Bike community benefit and grow.
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    Yeah don't ditch on the forums just because of what a few people say on them. Thats their problem. It happens on just about every forum I've frequented through my years on the web and I found its best to just let those certain people talk about whatever they want and ignore them. Go about your business and let them argue because some people just seem to love an argument. Especially one they can sit back and think about their response for hours if needed doing appropriate research on the web and opening up thesaurus dotcom to insert big words to compensate for their small brains. These same people probably always lose in face to face arguments so it just gives them satisfaction to ruffle another's feathers on the internet. Just ignore them. This type eventually just leaves once they don't get their jerk fix anymore. If anything large just laugh at them like you do to the stupid people you can't get out of your non-internet life. You're a good funny dude and I'd hate to see you leave over something so little.

    RATRODER Guest

    Lenny to put out a fire you throw water on it not gasoline! louis
  9. starkm32

    starkm32 Member

    LF, how will we get our daily smile with you staying out of the picture??!:shock:
  10. don't go

    I've been on a variety of forums as well and this stuff happens on a lot of them. I want to say ignore it, but it's hard to do so. I know I'm new, but I've got to say that I've enjoyed a lot of the posts here by you Large and a lot of the others who have been around and started this thing.

    I'd like to request that you stay. I mean, you're pretty awesome and I like your posts and I think your a good value for the community as a whole.

    so, uh, please stay?:cry:

    Eventually this political thing will blow over and I hope everyone is still around when it does.
  11. muddawg

    muddawg Member

    large, yer a great asset to this community and id rather ban the troublemakers than let you go

    if this is yer final answer you will be missed

  12. Zev0

    Zev0 Member

    Large, stay. This place needs you.

    Geeze people. Get a grip. We live, and most of us quite happily, I might add, in a country that has rules and regulations. Granted, some of them are inane and useless, but they are laws/regs/etc. We MUST abide by them. If not then WE become lawbreakers. Is that what we really want. Or do you just want to live in an Anarchy where anything goes.

    I have a HT and I loved it when it was running. But as we all, know the quality control, workmanship is just plain junky. If and when they do become legal I will be in line to purchase one. I loved the feeling of twisting that throttle and feel my head almost snap back. That was cool. But, alas, after 150 miles, it took a dump.

    We have so many users here just pimping and pushing these little illegal motors it's insane. They are NOT LAWFUL people. Do you understand that?
    I think you do, but don't care. Yes, you can say the law really sucks. Yes, it does, I agree, but nevertheless it IS the law and we must obey it.

    Do you not think the federal agencies know that this site exists. And see that here we are promoting, finding ways to cover-up the sizes of the engines? That my friends is what is going to really bring this thing down.
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  13. iRide Customs

    iRide Customs Member

    Can someone post a link to what caused this?

  14. wayde

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    i contacted mto and police today and they said there is no emission requirement for motorcycle or mopeds or mab's that being said no motorized bike is illegal in ontario sorry to see ya go large hope you re consider
  15. wayde

    wayde Guest

    iride the thread has been removed
  16. iRide Customs

    iRide Customs Member

    Really? Why?
  17. The first posts I read here we from you, based on those and others I made my decision to join this community.

    Don't let a few bad posts sour your experience here.
  18. Yea, why was the thread removed?
  19. Oh man you guys really don't know I don't think how difficult of a choice I'm making here. Honestly,I just want to get back to same 'ol same 'ol.
    But we already have people all around us just waiting to shut us ALL down.
    We have the roadies that want us off their bike trails.
    We have the SUV drivers that sneer at us at the pumps.
    We have those that think we are mopeds and try to run us off the roads.
    We have ENOUGH people out there that want us gone.
    Now we are saying to each other if you want to help destroy a person's livelyhood and this stretches far beyond the lonely old vendor,and you want to stay patriotic,then by all means go for it.
    But it's okay to shop at Wal mart.
    If you want to help this country,then go shop at the mom and pop stores and stay out of the dollar stores Wal marts and any and all discount stores.
    ...oh and stop supporting Saudi Arabia by buying gasoline. Take your engines out of your bikes and pedal.
    I need to make a stand.
    I'm sorry.
    I'm so very sorry.
    This is absolutely killing me.
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    It might rain later today, it's overcast and cooler than yesterday.

    This morning I saw a hawk making slow spirals overhead, some crows nearby were cawing nervously.