my first build - orange schwinn

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    So I suggested building a bike to a friend of mine who really jumped at the idea. He ordered a kit from ebay, a 80 (66)cc "silver slant". I cant find the pictures, but I tore it down, inspected everything, cleaned it out and popped it back together. We had at that point gotten a schwinn bike, older frame with solid wheels and tires. Tore it all apart and did a quick tune up, and repainted the beat up finish on the frame. We went with a orange metallic, looks awesome as the pics will show.

    Overall the bike is a blast, took it to work a few days which was great. Topped it at 39.3 mph, gps verified! What a machine

    It has since broken twice. The first engine had an issue in the bottom end, and marred up the cylinder. My friend got a new engine, and we ran that motor for quite some time.... then it started making a funny noise. I removed the clutch cover, and found a wobble off the end gear of the crank. ruh oh. still runs, but it seems like a bearing has failed. I'm going to have him drop the motor off with me to take apart and inspect to find the failure point.

    Here are a couple pictures.

    blue frame. ew

    painted frame

    some quick accent pieces on the motor once all together.

    Hopefully shortly my bike will be under way and my friends fixed, as they are just great around my local area.

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    The bike looks good, since you have a multi-speed rear end you can add a sbp shift kit if its legal in your state. Here in Ga. we legally can't run one, we also have to stay under 50cc. The 48cc engines run fairly well, about 32 top speed and cruises at 25 on long runs.
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    I don't believe that there is a restriction so long as the engine is a 49cc or less, and is as an "assist". Seeing as you visually can't find a difference between a bare 49 or 66cc motor, i'll get a 66cc for myself and switch the engine tage with that of a 49cc :D.

    Then I'm legal, and could definitely use the shifter kit then - i have looked at it and it seems like a great way to go.

    As far as speed/power go... definitely want the near 3hp punch. Since I'm also a light rider the 66cc absolutely flies for what it is.
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    Painting the engine covers to match the frame looks great; especially with that color.
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    Thank you, i've started my second build now, and i plan to do the same thing, though with a different selection and arrangement of colors. I like painting things, because I can ALWAYS do it again if its not what I pictured. But when it's done right, its still inexpensive. And that's great for the look it has.