My Huffy Cranbrook with a Happy Time

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  1. AndrewAnonymous

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    Well.. being new to the motored bike scene this is my first build. The install was pretty painless thanks to all the knowledge and help of the Ocean Park guys. They learned the hard way all the ins and outs of these Chinese engines and pass all the little tweaks and tips on to me. ****, it was impossible to keep their hands off it!

    Anyway, since I knew nothing of bicycles and am a cheap ******* I bought a Huffy thinking, "****, a bicycle is a bicycle, right?" Wrong. This thing is a cheap all Walmart P.O.S., but it rolls and is still way too much fun.


    It's amazing how many people ask about it, I can't go anywhere without someone stopping to chat or stare or take a picture. Like being a **** rockstar.

  2. mark2yahu

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    I recently bought the same bike couple days ago. This is a happy time bike with a happy time engine. Cheaply made Lightweight frame, questionable wheels, but everything else about it is okay. Looks nice. I'm changing out to better wheels, and putting grease in the headset and bottom bracket. The factory theyr'e from are really stingy with grease.
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  3. azbill

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    looks good andrew, the OP guys do know their stuff...
    even if they don't like HT's anymore
  4. wavygravy

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    good job andrew on the build! we were glad to help! the happy time is entry level learning tool to better things! we all cut our teeth on them , & for that they do have a place-azbill! i whould still be likeing them if we didnt have a lot of shall we say disabled ht veterns awaiting there burial at arlington laying around! just remember half throttle & heavy on the oil! andrew was a very good sport during the build as we gave him a good happy time hazeing as he was putting it all togather!! & he stood up well under pressure from a bunch of old f--ts!!!
  5. jboisclair

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    I will probably buy a Cranbrook soon but I was wondering what you did for your front mount. I cannot tell in the picture. AFAIK the cranbrook frame was oversized so the stock front mount wouldnt work. Also did you have any problems with the muffler not clearing the frame, and did you have to file down the sprocket to clear the dust cover for the coaster brake?

    Thanks! Nice bike!
  6. JE

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    Looks good Andrew.See you at the rally at the end of ther month. Justin

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  7. AndrewAnonymous

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    I would recommend against buying anything so cheap. You will regret it. It's fun and works and all, but it would have been worth it to spend another hundred bucks and got a better bike. As is the Cranbrook will need upgraded wheels, thinner tires, I have a set I'm gonna put on once I stop being so lazy The stock tires have been rubbing against the chain. Yes, WaveyGravy cut out the sprocket for me with a cutting torch. The man cuts metal with fire!:shock: Also you will have to cut out a chunk of the fender for the chain to clear.

    mounting bracket pic 1
    mounting bracket pic 2 (sorry, my camera didn't want to focus)

    This mounting method has worked very well. Just a chunk of aluminum I found laying around with the proper size holes drilled in it and a U bolt.

    Yes, my bike is rusting faster than a Japanese Zero at the bottom of the Pacific. :mad:
  8. wavygravy

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    andrew is a motoredbiker in the truest sence of the word, hes an adventure rider on his dual purposebike & has done many miles to many places at a young is an honor to introduce him to the roots of 2 wheeled cycling! hes learning quickly not to go the cheap route like the rest of us did.stout frame first , beefy wheels next! then your good to go! ill leave the engine & drivetrain up in the air as a furthur learning tool! keep us posted andrew!!
  9. Hey you've done this one before!
  10. Dadkins1

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    Andrew - I believe Zero's were made of plywood other than the engine/mount.
  11. NunyaBidness

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    Andrew, you might want to rethink that mount. Me bro CrazyGringo used a mount very similar to what you have pictured there.
    It did work fine, for a couple of weeks, but the tourqe from the motor started to turn the motor in the frame, very slightly but it became enough to start causing problems with the chain and sprocket. We fixed the problem with a piece of steel, you could use aluminum, that is a little longer so you can use 2 u-bolts to mount to the frame. Since we did that there has not been any problems.
  12. davidsis

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    Your fenders need to be inspected a lot to make sure they do not go into your wheel creating a flipping hazzard.
  13. What about screw and gromet mounting I have washers and orange rubber gasket material? Oh I picked up 2 1 1/2" saddled exhaust clamps
  14. I did an Ocal Huffy like mount it isnt going anywhere!
  15. wavygravy

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    hey andrew! if your still around, give me a call -0047 i miss seeing ya, still got the cranbrook?