My Little Piggy

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    Well I am in the process of building it, 67cc engine....its not 80cc..and am using a OCC stretched god i bought an original chopper and **** thing was to small so had to order a stretched version(leg cramp)....also the engine i got had premium parts inside it hard plastic handles...all soft rubber...and the engine was packaged very well..POWERKING and nothing was damaged

    I also ordered from livefastmotors a Engine mount and a
    (( package arrived from the US to Canada within 1 week via USPS))

    rear sprocket assembly <---- amazing drill 5 or 6 holes in the wheel hub ...screw it on ..attach the sprocket ..yer done....those original hubs are crazy...Frakked with that stuff fer like 2 hours trying to get it together....then I phoned home...some parts are here fer ya..ohya wOOt!!!

    Am i excited...its 6am i cant sleep and i wanna go build it, ..I am gonna take some photos when i get there of the bike 1/2 built.

    well there you have it, Im not the best writer in the world so please dont :)



    pictures coming later today

    PS a few posts below this one is a post about a custom chopper

    If i have a End game for my Bike....thats its ....nice bike dude :)

    Nice things are copied...ill try my to bad i just couldnt download that look on to my bike id be set..but we not that advanced bad :(....need one of them **** things off star trek
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  2. Madwack

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    Well the Bike is Done \o/

    been riding it around all weekend

    but the camera is at my freinds shop and he has gone to some big concert
    here in calgary fer the weekend..Virgin Fest monday i should have me do heads turn..people never seen bikes like this here
    they are amazed they want one and i gladly point them where to go.

    cya all monday...maybe ill get a few comments.....:) and i hope they are good ones:)

  3. Madwack

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  4. 4doora

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    dude, that's badass!
    where'd you get those saddle bags?
    looks sweet :cool:
  5. Madwack

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    The saddlebags i got from Ebay

    out of toronto

    if that helps

    a friend ordered them for me so not sure atm ..ill try and find out

    they had many more types of bags also


  6. azbill

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    azvinnie (my son-in-law) says thanks for the kind words about his bike
    I like yours as well
    where in canada are you ( I am from Niagara falls)
  7. starkm32

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    Nize hawg, dude.

    Are you using two chains for the stretched mount?
  8. Scottm

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    And this little piggy went WEeeeeeeeeeeeeeee haaaaaaaaaa all the way home.

    Dude that is an awesome ride. Great Job!
  9. Madwack

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    yea we had to use more chain..luckily we had extra around from when the mountain /cruisers were built

    and i am in Calgary and i have not ever ever seen anyone riding one of these or any engine mounted bike...o wait....i saw the dude with the weedwacker on the back...but does that really count?? :)


    Right now the problem i am having is my lights keep going out...i bought a LED nighthawk light system but i think electrical interference is doing something
    ( the one at the very bottom )

    ive read about peoples speedos going crazy.....mine has a wire but works fine but the lights go wacko...bahhhhh no idea...stumped.:(

  10. Madwack

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    haha LOL im an idiot

    the lights were going out because the battery needed charging



  11. starkm32

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    Can a 6V dynamo be mounted on?
  12. Madwack

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    its a nighthawk light system...gotta plug it into the wall

    to recharge so i dont know nothing about any Dynamos


  13. Madwack

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    tomorrow afternoon a CBC news crew is coming down to our shop and then going Downtown to follow us around handing out our add flyers...the story is about the Price of gasoline...AWESOME...ill do my best to do this community proud

    all u canadians watch the CBC news the next few days....ill also ask when itll air and report back here


    cheers all

  14. ozzyu812

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    oooooooo a star is born!
  15. mikaleno

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    Cool bike Wacked, I have to figure out how to put bags on my other StingRay.

    Do us proud!
  16. Madwack

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    what u need is like someone who works on industial equipment and has a pipe bender....special tool.......have him measure and then bend into place like a real bike rack...then bolt it on ..wish i had a camera

  17. Madwack

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    also out TV spot on the CBC was very small...and was cool..i dont think will help sell more might ..ho publicity at any level is good i guess

  18. vegaspaddy

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    great builds madwack those babies look sweet, but be careful what you say about that noisy little weedwacker, maybe one day he might just have to give you a tow as that 67cc of quality chinese ht may just blow a gasket.
  19. Madwack

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    lol blown gaskets....ive blown my muffler gasket about 4 times....and my intake gasket and the carb gasket

    now ive hit canadian tire up fer gasket sheets and gonna make some nice ones.....i hopes.

    but i dont over rev.....i could cruiser at 32km and engine going like a bugger...but i ussually zoom along at about 25-27....seems like a nice spot

  20. Madwack

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