My new schwinn OCC chopper build!

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  1. Hey guys,

    As some of you might know, I have been working on motorizing my schwinn OCC stingray chopper bike. This took about 5 months to do, mostly because I had to wait for new parts (throttle, clutch cable, masterlink ect.) to come in for it. The link I have provided brings up my youtube account with the slideshow of the start-finish project video. I hope you guys like it.

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    awesome bike. what happened to the back forks? im working on mine right now. i dont know if i'll ever be "done" with it. it is ridable and is alot of fun. I am making it look kinda like a cruiser motorcycle. i have the 36 tooth sprocket on it, a bullet front light, raised handlebars, a dirt bike twist throttle, and im working on putting saddlebags on it and thinking about making a seat and an exhaust for it. are you completely done with yours?
  3. Thanks. What we did for the back forks was take another back fork from the same bike, welded them together, and painted it. Mainly just so it will last longer but also because we customized the idler pulley and had to get the brakes on in a different place. No i'm not completely done with it yet, i'm going to paint it all black and get some sweet red graphics put on it from a guy I know that does that kind of thing. I'm also going to extend the front forks, get a headlight, and get a sweet fender for it.
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    Good looking conversion. Here's your headlight. It's a good looking light, with an old school 5" chrome housing.

    Since it uses an H3 55 watt lamp, I would suggest converting it to a low voltage (12V) landscape lamp. They range from 10 watt to 30 watt, I think. I use 20 watters for lights on my ZTR mower. They do throw some light.

    Also, there are several versions of the alternators (white wire) on the HT engines. Find a friend who knows electronics to determine if yours will have enough oomph for lights. I'm thinking of using a deerfeeder solar charger with a tiny 4.5 amphour battery.

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    I've got to know how you are getting a stingray up to 40 mph with that 44 tooth sprocket. Nitrous? Pure uncut cocaine? :shock:
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    This post looks out of place. I wonder if I posted to the wrong thread? At any rate, the link is broken. Here is the correct headlight to be. $10.99 at Harbor Freight.

    Sorry about the busted link.

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    Still curious as to how you are getting up to 40 mph. The math comes out to 23 mph max based on top speed on my bike with 26" wheel, 44 tooth at 30 mph. I'm in process of motorizing my OCC and I don't want to put sprocket on twice. I'm wanting the same top speed as my big bike, so I'm thinking a 33 tooth would do it.