My posterior is complaining, need recommendations

Discussion in 'Travelling, Commuting & Safety' started by AlphaGeek, Oct 23, 2008.

  1. AlphaGeek

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    The equipment:

    The commute:
    • 17.2 miles each way
    • Average speed ~24mph
    • Top speed on level ground >31mph
    • Terrain: average asphalt, rough asphalt, smooth concrete (bridge), uneven concrete with serious bumps (rec trail)

    Riding techniques used, varying throughout ride:
    • Resting on seat, upright
    • On seat with some weight forward on handlebars
    • On seat but most weight on pedals/handlebars
    • Off seat with weight on pedals (i.e. off-road BMX/motocross style)
    • "Downhilling" i.e. rear end way out over seat, weight on backs of thighs
    • Standing (usually while cruising after high-speed run downhill on bridge)

    The result: I commuted to work on the buzzbike Mon/Tue/Wed this week, and even though I got home 5 hours ago today (Wed) my rear end is still complaining. I keep telling myself I just need to toughen up -- but while the shoulder/back/neck muscles are getting into better condition for this particular activity, the posterior region is complaining more and more.

    I added the Nashbar suspension seatpost last week, dialed back to max soft. While it definitely makes a difference, I'm still sore.

    Note also that I do have some sense of aesthetics, and I'd like to find a saddle solution which does not look out of place on my ATB. (Example: wide leather cruiser saddles with big soft coil springs would probably work great, but they'd look quite silly on my bike, and I look goofy enough as it is.)

    If anyone has suggestions for saddles to try, I'm all ears. I am particularly interested in saddles people have found comfortable for high-intensity, high-speed rides of 60-90 minutes. I did do a search and read the threads that seemed relevant prior to posting.

    I'm thinking about trying the Forte EasyRider Saddle -- anyone have experience with that one? Linky:

    Others under consideration: - 8", Extra Deep, or Dual Pad

    Thanks in advance.


  2. fetor56

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    Have u thought about swapping to dual-suspension....i noticed the change immediately when i went from a hardtail.
  3. bluegoatwoods

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    This is one advantage the old pedal bikes have, isn't it? We used to stand up a lot more on those. And it took a lot of strain off our butts.

    fetor's rear suspension idea is probably the way to go for anyone who has a rack mount.

    Other than that I'd choose the most comfortable seat. And to heck with what it looks like.

    I guess I'm lucky; my rear isn't suffering. But my commute is only 6 miles.
  4. stude13

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    recumbent seems to be the most comfortable. on hooper imports site-under coustomers bikes, is a trike with the old steel tractor seat.
  5. AlphaGeek

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    Maybe next year -- part of the economic justification for this project was that I was rehabilitating a bike I already owned but didn't ride much. At this point, I'm looking for options a bit less radical than "Have you thought about swapping out, um, the entire bike?" :grin:

    Besides, having built this one up from "dusty garage queen" to "Urban Assault Bike" has given me a lot of insight into what I want from my next bike. High-quality shocks (front & rear), disc brakes, and various other things are already on the list.

  6. terrence

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    I live in the country. This is the seat i'm thinking about. I just have to talk the wife into supplying the pedal power. (Like that would happen):grin:

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  7. bluegoatwoods

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    That can only be the seat trailer for a Gravely lawn mower, huh?

    Unusual machines.
  8. skyl4rk

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    I have found that a large, padded seat with no springs (in the seat) works best. Even cheapo seats from Walmart can work. Spring seats seem to move around too much and become really painful after about the 30 minute mark.
  9. MotorMac

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  10. Mountainman

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    may be the best for the rear end ?

    well MotorMac -- those seats may be the best for the rear end

    one question though -- looks like one might slid off easy ?

    and of course we know the looks kind of kill our MB cool image

    as we ------------ ride that thing
  11. Sasquatch

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    I just got done dealing with the seat issue myself. I had the standard seat on my hardtail mountain bike with a gel cover on it. It was pretty painful. Used to be ok when I was younger, but not so anymore. I looked around the internet for quite a while before I decided on a Schwinn "No Pressure" seat. It is big and round and very comfortable, not painful at all. It does look goofy though. I found mine at Walmart. They let me have it for 15 bucks. Anyway, heres a couple webpages I found in my recent search that might be useful.

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  12. wavygravy

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    try worksmans extrawide comfort seat! your butt wont care what it looks like! i can ride forever with these seats on all my bikes!!
  13. vegaspaddy

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    well since nobody has mentioned it yet, what about your underwear, when i used to mountainbike solid 6 to 7 hours a day, 7 days a week it sure does get sore on the old butt.

    There was no way i was geting into spandex so i used to wear baggies with padded shorts underneath, worked for me and will help take the pressure of all the right parts, and will also give you a good layer of proctection for the coming winter months.
  14. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    ride that MB thing - with a happy rear end !!!

    vegas -- I am interested here
    padded shorts underneath
    just exactly where would one buy these

    I have been watching this thread
    because the OLD MOUNTAIN REAR END -- has also been getting a little sore
    but - some of those LARGE seats shone -- I don't think that I am at that
    point --------- yet anyway

    everyone likes a cool looking MB as they
    ride that MB thing
  15. MotorMac

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    Its not my butt that hurts after a long ride,its my lower back that becomes sore,Im not sure why but I think its because Im sitting slightly forward and that is not a natural sitting position, Im sure a different beach cruiser type handlebar would be better for me allowing me to sit up straighter on my bike.
  16. Mountainman

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    what type of bicycle are you riding there MotorMac ?

    I have the standard mountain bike
    the bending over got real old
    I bought one of those extended goose necks
    seems to have brought the bars up 3 1/2 to 4"
    sure did make a big difference
    with that raising of the bars
    cables did not have to be changed
    this was a deciding factor
    I would have brought those babies (handle bars) way up there

    ride that MB thing
  17. loquin

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  18. MotorMac

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    Mountainman, I have a hybrid touring bike with straight handlebars and 700c wheels, its nice big and fast but theres no front shocks so it picks up a lot of vibration,yeah ,Im going to change my handlebars soon see if that helps.
  19. Mairead

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    Anyone having pain, get your handlebars up and back. *Far* up and *far* back.

    They should be high enough and grips near enough to you that you can sit upright on your seat, your elbows bent and absolutely no weight on your hands. All your weight should be centered over your "sit bones", the knobs on your hip bones that you can feel directly under you when you sit on a hard surface. You should be able to steer your bike comfortably on a smooth roadway using only your thumbs and forefingers (but don't, except as a test).

    When you have your handlebars in that position, all your bike-related aches and pains will start to fade away. Honest!
  20. Zev0

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    I'm 65 and 250 lbs. This is the seat I've been using for like 3 years now. Feels like riding on air.