My Schwinn Jaguar 70cc

Here's my Schwinn Jaguar 70 cc motor from Luckily the kit came with pretty much everything I needed to complete the whole project. I haven't really gotten the thing running smoothly yet. I am not very knowledgeable with motors, but this has been a great learning experience at a great price. So much fun!

My computer is dumb and the "attachment" button doesn't work, so here's some uploaded photos:

100_4986.jpg - 0.81MB

100_4984.jpg - 0.69MB

100_4983.jpg - 0.61MB

There are a couple things I'm still working on. I changed out the fuel line it came with and got an in-line fuel filter. I have a couple zip ties holding **** down, which doesn't look TERRIBLE, but I'm gunna switch a couple of them totally out, and replace SOME with black zip ties, which should look much nicer.

What's kinda cool about this bike is it's the exact same navy blue color as my car. I actually used my car touch up paint to paint over some scratches on my bike! I'm thinking of using it to paint the chain tightener.
Hmm. I don't know about the zip ties. Are they taking the place of a proper front mount. There's a substantial bit of torque to the left from the chain, a solid mount is vital.
Here's my bike on the back of my car. You can probably guess my favorite color. :)

Love it! Although, I'm still having a couple issues which I'm going to search for, and maybe post about.

nice looking bike & Car!!

now....since you brought up issues..... if that thin metal strap, connected to your exhaust bolts, is the only thing, holding the front of your engine to the might be asking for trouble.
The Jaguar is a popular bike to motor up, here. try a search for Jaguar & see how other members have mounted their engines.

I just want you to ride safe. :cool:
I did a search and found some pics. I didn't really see a close enough pic to give me an idea of how they mounted it. As of right now, the motor feels extremely tight on the frame, but now you're scaring me!