my scooter bicycle thingy built for $80

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  1. bacon3787

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    I got a totaled scooter free and put the engine on the back of my mountain bike with a small aluminum frame that i built with only a hack saw and a hand drill in my living room. There was no welding or anything, everything is drilled and bolted. It can do 50mph on flat ground but is smooth with no vibration about 35. it uses the scooter drum brake for the rear and bike v brake front. i left the e start intact so i dont have to kick it.

  2. Mountainman

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    that's what I admire bacon
    someone that can get a MB thing going complect under a hundred dollars..
    good job
    now if you would when you have the chance
    please share some pictures with us who

    like to ride those things
  3. bacon3787

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    I tried to post pics but couldn't. I will try again when i can use my own computer
  4. bacon3787

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    one pic of the beast

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  5. bacon3787

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    I took a few more

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  6. possenti

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    Very cool. 50mph? Holy cow!
  7. stude13

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    very cool, what brand of scooter?
  8. biken stins

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    Its different. I like it.
    You got a lot of machine for little money.
    How is it going down the road besides fast ?
    Good Job !
    Looking forward to your next build.
  9. AdamT

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    that thing is sick. nice score on the scooter.
  10. kiwirider

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    dude, I am liking that. Nice work. What was the donor scooter?
  11. bacon3787

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    The totaled scooter i got was a UM Xspeed 50, It has a clone of the yamaha zuma engine. It is very Quiet and smooth on the street with almost zero vibration below 35, but you have to take it easy when starting off cuz it will pick up the front tire, as long as you dont peg it wide open from a stop there isnt an issue.once you are moving like 5mph you can peg it and it wont pick up the front tire The rear drum brake of the scooter stops it very quickly and is pretty much the only brake i use. it weighs like 60-70 pounds but the engine supports most of its own weight with the angle of the engine so the bike frame isnt stressed.. My girl and I both ride on it to the beach a couple times a week, she sits on the seat and i stand on the pedals. I wanted to get one of the kid bicycle trailers for it but dont know if she will fit into it ,5'5" 100 pds, and dont have the cash.It drives like a zuma scooter that weighs 100 pounds less,It has no problem jumping curbs, stopping quickly, keeping up with traffic or catching peoples attention when i pull up to a bicycle rack with a bunch of tired sweaty people that just peddaled in the 100 degree heat :grin5: . The only thing i dont like is the gas tank being in my rear bag, It is nice that it is hidden but I miss the storage.
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  12. SirJakesus

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    That things sweet. I'd be worried about po-po having an issue with the lack of pedals or no registration but if they don't bother you where you live that's great!
    Ride that thang!
  13. RMWdave

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    i dont know what to say haha