Near-new Mitsubishi friction drive kit

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    I bought a TLE43 kit from Staton about 3 weeks ago, and had to return the original motor because it wasn't running correctly.
    But I received a new TLE43 on Monday, August 25th. I've run it 3 times so far, for about 10-25 minutes a time, and it hasn't skipped a beat yet.

    However, I'm finding that I like riding my bike better without the engine! It's a great setup, fast, and seems bulletproof. But my buddy is selling his very nice road bike for a deal, and I just like to pedal I guess. :smile:

    So I'm listing it in the for sale section. It hasn't even had 1 tank-full run through it yet.
    1.25 roller on the TLE43 motor., Dual supports, Kill switch (not available on all models from what I've read, Lever throttle, and all necessary hardware.
    I'm asking $425 shipped. This is about $75 dollars less than you'd pay through the dealer and I will ship it right away, no long waiting period.
    So if you or someone you know is looking for a near-new high quality friction setup, send them my way.


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    you are crazy to sell that
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