Wheels Need a new back wheel! Urgently!!

Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by tskrem, Oct 24, 2009.

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    Which type of wheel will last me a life time? one that i wont need to replace every month... my back wheel wobbles and i need to get a new one (according to the bike shop) they said if i bought another standard wheel it will happen again. I am wondering how do you guys tackle this issue. if you could reply some links of websites that sell some ideal wheels.
    Thanks - Tax

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    Contact The Wheelmaster. He's a Sponsoring Vendor, on this MBc.


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    It's Sunday...Tony is open NOW.

    BTW...The Wheelmaster does a fine job,& with the Oz $ being so high it's tempting to get something unique.
    If i had the need i'de seriously be concidering him;forgetting $'s.
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    do tony's wheels last? also how much would he charge??
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    Sure they last.
    He doesn't do most of it himself...he gets a professional wheelbuilder to do it & then sells at discounted prices.New & complete heavy-duty wheels made to spec that he sells for $100 bicycle shops sell for $200.
    Go to the Port Market Sun(or Mon public holidays) & take a look around,see him at the bike stall & talk about building a heavy-duty sealed bearing wheel from scratch(i'm assuming 36H)
    Expect to pay around $120 for something good & all parts new...around $80 if u supply the rim.
    Any further info call me on 82404091.
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    what time does the port market close?
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    ok, i went there and tony is replacing some spokes and changing my axle because it is bent. i asked him if i need to replace the hub. he said to ring him on wed and he'll tell me if the hub is a problem. He has some cheap gear there. good place to know about. ty fetor
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    hey fetor, i rang tony and he told me that they guy wont bother fixing it because its a cheap wheel. he said that he will look at a mechanic for a strong second hand wheel. if not then he will discuss my options on sunday.
    thats for referring me to him.
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    No problem,hope it works-out.
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    well i forgot to post back but he told me to buy another wheel. he gave me the exact 1 i had before really cheep. now the time has come to purchase another wheel because its happening again. the wheel wobbles. very strange, none of my friends wheels do that. just wondering fector what do u have as ur rear wheel?
  16. I use a 26" rear wheel from a roadmaster sx sport mountain bike and i use it on my Scwhinn del mar cruiser.