need help on how to wire an ignition

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    hi everyone i have a silver slanted 80cc motor with high performance cdi carb and air filter and im wondering does anyone know how to wire an ignition i have seen videos on youtube of people cold starting there motorized bikes and they have an ignition... i pulled this ignition from my old pocket bike and wondering if any 1 has the how to in doing this here is the picture of it

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    ignition switch

    If you are asking how to put in an ignition switch; just use an ohmmeter to determine which two wires have zero resistance when the switch is turned on, and infinite resistance when the switch is turned off.
    Then use those two wires to interrupt one of the two wires coming from the magneto coil. Cut the wire and solder the two switch wires to their ends.
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    Then do away with the other three wires.
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    Thank you guys for your help I will attempt this today and ley you guys kn ow how it went